Symptoms and r,emedies for menstrual problems

The burden of finding a girl who does not suffer from Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) before special days of the month. Maybe he noticed in a hurry that the mood has become a little irritable for the last two-three days. Or is the mind suddenly getting worse for no reason? Anger is rising? Take a good look, is the date of your period ahead?
If the answer to most of the above questions is ‘yes’, then it must be said that you suffer from pre-menstrual syndrome, abbreviated as ‘PMS’.
Let’s find out now from some of the important things.
What is PMS and why
it is a very common and well known problem in girls. In addition to mood swings, stomach aches, headaches or burning sensation in the limbs are also common. This type of physical discomfort or mental instability actually occurs due to hormonal differences.
These hormonal differences in the body of girls can be divided into two phases. Hormone overdose from the first day to the 14th day of the period is friendly for girls. This smooth hormone does not create any special stress on the body or mind, does not interfere with normal movement or daily activities.
Later in the day, that is, after 15 or 16 days of menstruation, the amount of hormones that start to increase in the body, are mainly responsible for PMS. Symptoms of PMS can usually occur at any time after 19 days of the period.

PMS – Symptoms

irritability obisannabhaba
breast changes
, additional tumor growing
constipation or diarrhea, indigestion or
stomach or gas being phampabhaba
abdominal pain or asbastibhaba
repeatedly being careless
in their daily work, had lost interest,
loss of appetite or hunger recession


1) Do light exercise.
2) Eat small meals but frequently.
3) Eat foods rich in vitamin B, such as peanuts, walnuts, cashews, a handful of nuts like pasta.
4) Avoid fat rich foods.
5) Eat foods rich in potassium, such as fresh fruit salad, orange juice or mixed vegetables.
6) Avoid caffeine, alcohol or sweet foods.
6) Eat milk or milk products.
6) Foods made with too much sugar or sweet foods make the body tired quickly, so avoid.
9) Stay away from beef or mutton, refined foods such as cakes, pastries, sweets, cola or soda foods or drinks.
10) Eat foods rich in vitamin E, such as red rice or bread, broccoli, nuts, olives, papaya, pumpkin – these are much higher in vitamin E.
11) Eat magnesium foods, such as magnesium is found in many types of cereals and nuts, as well as red rice. Magnesium helps reduce the pain, headaches, discomfort, fatigue and fatigue caused by PMS.
12) Drink plenty of water, at least 7-8 glasses a day.
13) You can take anti-depressant, hormonal, vitamin or other medicine as per the advice of the doctor.

The family must be supportive

During this time girls misunderstand others, criticize others, make bad comments about others, gossip. He wants to turn the world upside down if he can. Because at this time, almost all the thoughts of the girls are imaginary. The very existence of those fantasies with reality cannot be found. At this point the girls become very emotional. So family support plays a very important role at this time. Any physical and mental problems during PMS should be shared with the family members of the girls especially other women. If symptoms persist, a physician must be consulted.
Girls should give their male partner an idea in advance about the possible misbehavior during PMS. This can lead to many homes being demolished by the girls during PMS every month. If the male partner understands in advance, the male partner can understand the matter and try to handle it accordingly. To reduce stress, it is better to listen to your favorite songs, go to your favorite places, do your favorite shopping. Therefore, girls as well as older men should have the right idea about PMS. In general, it is not a matter of going through the uncomfortable time of PMS if you do what you like. Being a little patient with the people around then creates a comfortable environment for the girl.

Believe in yourself

Today, women are not left behind in any work outside the house. Menstrual and pre-menstrual physical and mental problems are also a very common problem. There is nothing to be ashamed of. There is no reason to hide it. Therefore, PMS should be taken as a natural thing in schools, colleges, workplaces, families and everywhere and a sympathetic environment should be created for women. It will be easier to deal with any inaccessible path if you have complete self-confidence.

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