How to use BB powder to get an instant perfect look?

What is BB Powder? 

BB powder is much lighter, similar to normal powder and is neater. It can be easily used by hand or with a powder brush . You can set it with this powder using any cream. As well as absorbing excess oiliness of the face and bringing a matte finish to the skin.

Advantages of using BB powder

Regardless of your skin type, you can use BB powder without any worries. But especially for oily skin, it can be a great choice. This powder works great on our skin. Let’s not know those-

1) Instantly removes oily feeling of skin

Even after creating the makeup look perfectly, sometimes it takes a little touch up. Especially those with oily skin , their face sweats quickly. In this case, if you take a little light BB powder, the look will be set and the makeup will be long lasting.

2) Acts as sun protection

BB powder contains some ingredients that protect our skin especially from sunlight. For example, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide etc. Sunscreen is a must in skin care. You can also use BB powder to get extra protection.

3) Reduces skin blemishes and gives a glowing look 

For those whose skin looks dull, pale or dull, BB powder is the best solution. Going out somewhere instantly or going to take a hot photo makes the skin look dirty, but it often happens, doesn’t it? BB powder instantly reduces the dullness of the skin and gives a radiant glow to the face.

4) Works like loose powder

Usually we use loose powder to set it perfectly after applying makeup. Many times there is no loose powder or compact powder at hand. By using BB powder, you can be safe in this case. Although BB Powder will not be as long lasting as loose powder, will not give high coverage, it will still be your friend if needed. I mean, you can continue working!

Some things to keep in mind before buying and using

  • There are many shades of BB powder available in the market. Try to buy the product according to your skin tone.
  • Use a beauty blender or sponge to bake without using a brush to get the best results. First soak the beauty blender or sponge in water and squeeze out the water. Then apply BB powder using a beauty blender or sponge while lightly wet.
  • Check the ingredients list, don’t compromise with the brand to save money. Of course, make sure the quality of the product.
  • If you have a face primer , you must apply it first.
  • You can apply BB powder on the face and set it with setting spray. It will be long lasting and there will be no chance of sweating!

We are familiar with many types of skin care or makeup related products. But many of us do not know about the use of BB powder. I hope I have been able to give you some basic ideas about BB powder through today’s topic. For those who prefer very light makeup or want light coverage, this is definitely a life saver product. Be sure to buy the product from the authentic shop. Stay well, stay healthy!

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