Instant radiant skin. Get instant skincare in 5 steps at home

Who does not want to get shiny beautiful skin! But most of the time it does not become a time of self-care in the midst of busyness. If the skin is clean from the inside, acne, rash, these are reduced. We should all take care of ourselves for a while. Today I will share with you how you can get radiant skin in a very short time by doing instant skincare at home. It will keep the skin fresh and make you feel more confident. Then let’s not know without delay.

Instant skin care in 5 steps

1) Oil cleansing

We use sunscreen, makeup products when we go out every day. In addition, the skin becomes much dirtier with sebum coming out of the skin with the dust and sand on the outside, which just facewash can not clean well. So oil cleansing is a very important step for our skin. We have to choose any good brand of oil cleanser according to the skin type. First clean and dry the hand, this time you have to gently massage the whole face with the amount of cleanser. This will remove all the oil based impurities, dirt from our skin and there will be no chance of pores being clogged.

2) Gel or foam cleanser

Foam cleansers are basically water based which removes all the dust and dirt from the skin instantly. It also reduces excess sebum secretion and makes the skin glow. So for those whose skin is very oily, foam cleanser is extremely beneficial. After oil cleansing, massage with gel or foam based cleanser for 2/3 minutes and wash your face with water. Do not massage too loudly, massage gently in circular motion. You can also use facial massage tools while cleaning your face.

3) Scrubbing

Dead skin cells are created naturally on our skin, which reduces the natural glow of our skin. So the importance of exfoliator is much more. At home we can make and use homemade scrub with rice powder, besan or take any good brand scrub in combination with skin type. However, it is better to say that scrubbing cannot be done if there are pimples on the face. In that case you can use chemical exfoliator. Normally the skin should be exfoliated with a very light hand granular scrub for 3/4 minutes. Then wash well.

4) Toner or rose water spray

Toner can not be ignored in skin care. After cleansing the skin, if we use toner, the pH balance of our skin is right, the texture of the skin is good, the skin is hydrated. As a toner we can spray rose water. Also now a variety of toners are available. If you have acne, you can use toner with tea tree or green tea, if you want brightness, toner with fruit or natural extract will be better. However, avoid products that contain alcohol and harmful chemicals.

5) Brightening mask

After cleansing and toning the skin well, you have to use a brightening mask. You can use face mask 2/3 days a week. In this case we can mix tokadai and aloe vera gel with the skin cafe’s brightening mask. Tokadai helps to nourish our skin. And aloe vera makes our skin soft and glowing, as well as reduces the impression of age. Apply face mask and wash it off after 10/15 minutes. The last step is to apply your regular moisturizer. And during the day to use sunscreen but must!

With a little care, you can get instant glowing skin at home. Skin looks much more vibrant for deep cleaning. But various problems arise from the dirt accumulated in the mouth. If you want, you can buy authentic products for skin and hair care from two physical shops of cosmetics, one of which is located in Jamuna Future Park and the other in Border Square, and if you want to buy online, you can buy from Everyone will be good, healthy, beautiful.

Image : Shajgoj

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