Learn the full coverage makeup guidelines for oily skin!

A few days after the wedding of Maliha’s best friend Priyanthi. Malihar has been fond of getting ready for his girlfriend’s wedding for a long time. But, after full coverage makeup, after a while it becomes oily, melts and in many places the makeup also rises due to oily skin! Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. If it is not the last, then it is more ugly to see it. So, what can be done?
Applying foundation, concealer, powder, blush etc. are the ever-familiar steps of makeup. But if some tips and tricks can be followed in these steps, then full coverage base makeup will be good on oily skin and will not melt. So in today’s article I will tell you about the full coverage makeup guideline for oily skin. So, let’s not exaggerate anymore.
Special beige makeup tips for oily skin
1. Skin Care:
It is not possible to say how important skin care is when it comes to makeup. Whatever your skin type, skin care is a must. Skin care is not just before applying makeup, the skin will always be good and the makeup will look beautiful. Suppose you put a layer of makeup on an uneven surface, but that layer of makeup will also sit unevenly. So there is no pair of skin care to keep the skin beautiful, smooth and oil free.

2. Primer:
Many of us skip the primer. I think, it is not so necessary to plant! The fact is that planting it is the most important thing. The primer creates a smooth surface on our skin, helping to make makeup last longer. For those whose skin is oily, they must buy matifing primer. By doing this, the skin will be oil free and the makeup will not melt or be damaged.

Choosing the right formula: Your skin is oily, but if you buy and use a moisturizing, dewy finish foundation, it will not suit you, the reverse face will be much more oily, the beige will not last long! So it is very important to choose the right formula product for yourself.
Those with oily skin must buy make-up or make-up products for oily skin. In case of foundation, buy liquid matte or powder foundation which will give full coverage. The less product you use, the more natural it will look and the makeup will not melt or be damaged. But for those with oily skin, I would recommend buying another item. That is, blotting paper. I will come to that later.
4. Choosing the best quality product:
Since you are investing in makeup, I would say it would be wise to buy and use a good quality product. By good quality products I am not talking about high end or expensive products, there are many good quality products in drug stores. You can get ideas about it as soon as you have access to the internet or you can read user reviews. My own oily skin. I myself have at one time tried to use the opposite product and suffered for my own mistakes. I attach great importance to buying good quality makeup products to get full coverage base.
5. Excessive use of powder:
Many people think that since I have oily skin, if I use a lot of powder, my skin will be oil free and makeup will be good! As a result of using a lot of powder, makeup does not look flawless, but powder and cake. So use as much powder as you need.

Full coverage makeup steps
this time, let’s go to the full coverage makeup steps for oily skin. Getting full coverage makeup for oily skin and keeping it looking good all day is a challenge. But it is possible if you follow some tips and tricks. Let’s not know those…
1. As
I said before preparing the skin for makeup, makeup will be beautiful and will look good when your skin is good. In addition to regular skin care, skin care should be done before the start of makeup.

First, clean your face with a facewash made for oily skin.
Then exfoliate on the skin. This is a very important step. Exfoliation will remove dead skin cells and smooth the skin. As a result, makeup will fit better.
Then you can put a sheet mask if you want. However, it is optional. Apply toner before applying sheet mask. And if you do not apply a sheet mask, then only apply toner.
Apply moisturizer. But keep in mind that it is matifing.
During the day, apply sunscreen. Busy !! If you do this, your skin is ready for makeup.

2. Prime is
the myatiphaim will put Primer. If you have pores on the skin, you can also use pore minimizing primer. Take a little primer in hand and apply it by lightly pushing it on the skin. If you do eye makeup, you must apply eye primer without applying concealer on the eyelid beforehand.

3. Foundation,
this time I came to the most important step. Since we want to do full coverage makeup on oily skin, I would say to use a color character first. Apply color character to all areas of your face that have spots or dark circles. There is no need to add extra foundation layer to cover the stain.

Now apply a little bit of foundation on all the places where you have applied color character and blend it with the help of a damp beauty sponge. You can use a brush if you want. Apply with as much foundation as you need. Keep blending with. As seen many times, nose makeup comes first on oily skin. In this case, what I do is do not use extra foundation or concealer on the nose. The surviving foundation in Beauty Sponge does not blend the nose.
4. Concealer:
Nowadays normal face is highlighted with concealer. Isn’t it? In this case also use matte based concealer. Just apply concealer on the high points of the face without using a lot and blend it.

5. Powder:
Those whose skin is extremely oily can do face baking with the help of loose powder. Apply a lot of loose powder on a dry beauty sponge under the eyes, forehead, nose and chin. Leave it for 3-4 minutes and remove the extra powder with the help of a brush. After that, whatever contour powder, blush, highlighter is applied, everything will be fine if it is powder based.

. Setting spray: Setting spray is the
last step of beige makeup. The setting spray helps to make the makeup look long lasting, remove the extra powdery feeling from the face. In this case also use matte finishing setting spray. At the end of the beige makeup, you must apply the setting spray all over the face.

Makeup protection on oily skin did a
lot of exercises, followed by many tips and did makeup. This time we have to do something so that it is not wasted. Isn’t it? Let’s not know, what can we do for protection –
1. I mentioned above about buying blotting paper. Blotting paper absorbs the extra oil on our face. After a few hours, lightly press with a blotting paper wherever you feel oily, that’s it!

2. Many people make the mistake that after applying makeup, they apply a lot of face powder on the skin. It becomes more cake! Whatever you do, after removing the oil with blotting paper, apply the powder on the whole face with the help of a powder brush. Then the touch up will be done, along with the makeup will be long lasting.
Here’s a look at the full coverage makeup guidelines for oily skin. Hopefully, from now on, it will not be a problem to do full coverage makeup on oily skin. Stay well. If you want to buy authentic makeup products, you can buy from two physical shops of cosmetics, one located in Jamuna Future Park and the other in Border Square, and if you want to buy online, you can buy from shop.sajgoj.com.

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