6 ways to take hair care every day

Tell me who has time to take care of hair every day? Many people do not have time to apply hair pack properly once a week. But hair care can be done in 6 easy ways every day. Here are 6 ways to get into the habit from waking up to going to bed at night. Today we will talk about 6 ways to take care of hair.

1. Get up and comb your hair

I woke up and saw that my hair was tangled. So it is very important to comb your hair after waking up. As a result of combing the hair, the oil that accumulates in the hair follicles overnight spreads in the hair. Regular hair combing increases the blood circulation in the hair follicles and it makes the hair grow faster. So you need to comb your hair regularly from top to bottom for 2-3 minutes.

2. Wash your hair

Many people shampoo their hair every day due to external dust and pollution. Shampooing every day also washes away the natural oils on the scalp. As a result the hair becomes rough and dry. Again the hair does not wash well regularly but is very dangerous. Dirt in the hair follicles can cause various problems including dandruff. In that case you have to wash your hair with shampoo according to your hair type

Those who have normal hair can wash their hair 3 times a week. Those who have rough hair should wash their hair once in two days. Again, those who have oily hair can wash their hair after 2 days or 1 day after understanding the condition.

Even if the hair is not shampooed, care should be taken to clean the scalp well with water and not to use hot water on the hair.

3. Wet hair care

Another mistake we make in hair care is combing our hair right after the bath. After bathing, the hair should be wiped with a soft towel. Never rub your hair with a towel. Rubbing hard breaks the ends of the hair, the roots of the hair become soft, it increases the amount of hair fall. Wet hair can be wiped with a towel, or the hair can be curled for a while. When lightly dry then comb the hair.

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4. Hair product sorting

Understand the type of hair and use hair products. If you have normal hair, you can use any type of shampoo. Massage the shampoo on the scalp in a circular motion. Those with rough hair should use a shampoo that makes their hair supple. And oily hair should use oil clear shampoo. Conditioners should also be used. But take care not to apply conditioner on the scalp, it softens the hair follicles and there is a possibility of hair fall. Also, make sure that the shampoo and conditioner are clean. Those who have dyed their hair or taken any other hair treatment should choose shampoo or conditioner for their hair accordingly.

5. Combing hair care

Combing also plays a big role in hair care. Wooden combs were the most used in the time of grandparents. It could be seen that their hair was thick and black and their hair was less. This is because the use of a wooden comb keeps the blood circulation normal, the oil made on the scalp spreads throughout the hair and remains moisturized. Currently plastic combs are used more. And generates heat in the head when combing with a plastic comb. Which is harmful for hair. The scalp cannot tolerate the excess heat and the hair falls out. So you have to take care of what kind of comb I am using every day and what kind of comb.

6. Hair care at night

But hair care is needed even before going to bed at night. If you want, you can make a beautiful ponytail or braid. It is not right to go to bed with your hair open. This can cause hair to fall out by rubbing with a pillow. The pillow cover is very good if it is silk. You can apply oil twice a week before going to bed to keep your hair looking good. Massage with oil and comb the hair from top to bottom again.

It is very important to take care of your hair every day from morning to night. It keeps the hair looking good and the hair packs or hair masks you use to take care of your hair will work well. Also drink plenty of water and nutritious food. If you make these 6 things a habit in your daily hair care, there will be no tension with your hair. Hopefully, these 6 ways will solve a lot of things in your hair care

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Wish Everyone will be good, healthy, beautiful.

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