Skincare will be less than 999 !!

if we are asked, which are the must-have items for skincare in winter?

in response to such a question, the common answer to all of us is a moisturizing face cream, a body lotion and a lipbalm. common problems with our skin in winter are skin dry or dry ness. we do skin care all year round and we don’t, but skincare becomes important in winter. dry weather causes our skin to tighten and moisturizer is required to retain the moisture in the skin. face creams, body lotions and lipbalms are not the only ones that girls use to take full care of the skin in winter! everyone in the family then needs skin care.

as winter begins, we look for products that can be done with full winter skincare. in addition to finding good quality products, we also want the products to be budget-friendly. so today i will tell you how to reduce the entire winter shopping by just  999.

face cream

Although we haven’t been introduced to skincare terms since childhood, we must have seen something as a face cream on a winter day at home. What if it’s said you saw it? But the answer for many will be the face cream of white writing in the ass blue coat. Do you know which cream I’m talking about? I was talking about Nivea face cream.

it has been used as a face cream for ages. this cream acts as a very good moisturizer in winter. the skin becomes very tight after bathing in winter. at this time, if we lock the skin moisturizer with face cream, the moisture in the skin is maintained. Nivea’s cream is dermatologically tested, so this face cream can be used by everyone irrespective of the boys and girls of the family at any age.

the regular price of this face cream is tk. 300. but you will get the outfit in winter cell for just tk 199. this is the face cream. now let’s hope, in body lotion.

body lotion

in winter, other parts of the body become as dry as the skin on the face. sometimes it is seen that the hands or feet are white and white and warm. many people start skin-skinning at this time. a good body lotion can solve these problems.

budget friendly one such moisturizer is princess brightning body lotion. it contains alpha arbutin, vitamin e and pomegranate extracts. alpha arbutin is very effective in reducing stains and pigmentation. it also works to remove sunburn or sunburn of the skin. the vitamin e present in it makes the skin soft, healthy and moisturized. and the pomegranate extract present in this body lotion works in anti aging of the skin and protects the skin from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun and naturally brightens the skin. this body lotion is very light weight. and suitable for all skin types. and being light weight makes the skin feel beautifully absorve and does not have a pinch of feeling.

and the body needs a little more moisturizer than face. because our body becomes more dry than the skin on the face. and the princess brightening body lotioncosts well, its net weight is 380 mg. which you can easily use for 1/2 months. and it costs only rs 520, which is very resonable according to the amount and effectiveness.

it’s the turn of the body lotion. now let’s say, with lipbalm in the care of the lips.


lipbalm is one of the winter winter essentials. from the beginning of winter, we have various problems, including cracked lips, skin on our lips. so before going to bed at night or washing our faces in the morning, let us not go without lipbalm! lipbalm removes the dryness of our lips and gives softness to the lips. lipbalm is an effective solution to eliminate various problems including lip fractures, dark spots on lips and pigmentation. and it is important to use lipbalm before using lipstick in winter. if you don’t use lipbalm before using matte or liqued lipstick, you can get crushed after a while. and at the same time the lips become dry. so whether it is winter or summer lipstick, lipbalm must be used to protect the lips before using it.

you can choose from lipbalm – liluck premium lipbalm. liluck premium lipbalm you will find cocoa, roses, strawberries and rajnigandha in 4 flavours. the packaging of these lipbalms is very beautiful. these lipbalms of refreshing flavours will protect your lips from bursting, dry or cracked in winter. and it has spf 15, which will give sun protector to the lips.

you will get two lipbalms of two flavours at once for just rs 275 on the winter by one get one offer in sajgoj! these lipbalms of refreshing smale can be used throughout the year.

bass! it’s been a whole winter shopping! are you calculating now? the total is tk. 994 by buying face cream, body lotion and lipbalm! that means you got your winter essentials for less than rs. 999! there can be no better deal for those looking for full winter skincare products within the budget. i hope the article was helpful for you.

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