Make hobby flower garden at home, just keep a few things in mind

Banglahunt Desk: Be it a hill dweller or a plain resident, gardening is everyone’s hobby. Due to lack of space, everyone likes to plant beautiful flowering plants in front or back of the house, or in tubs. Just as some time is spent at the back of the garden, the beautiful flowers of the tree add to the beauty of the house.

There are many people who want to have a beautiful garden at home, but even if they bring a tree and plant it in a tub, it will not produce beautiful flowers. The tree is dying prematurely, or falling off before it can germinate. Don’t worry, now all problems will be solved. find the way-

First buy some fresh flowering plants from the market. If possible, you can also buy organic fertilizers and coco peat.

Then whether it is on the roof of the house or on the veranda, place a tree in a sunny place and keep the tub.

Water the tub regularly. From time to time, clean the roots of the plant with rotten peels, or organic manure purchased from the market. If possible, you can also spray insecticide on the leaves of the tree from time to time. Then you will find your hobby flower garden.

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