Najehla is going to remove wrinkles on the face? Solve this problem at home in two ways

Banglahunt Desk: With age comes a new problem called wrinkles. No matter how much you want to hide your age, this wrinkle brings it in front of everyone.

There are many people who use different types of creams but cannot get rid of them. So adopt these two home remedies today, your wrinkles will disappear in an instant.

first method:
Break the egg in a bowl and separate its white part. Then wash your face thoroughly and apply the egg white all over your face with cotton or any soft brush. Leave it for around 30 minutes and wash your face to see the difference.

If possible, do it daily, then you will get the fruits more quickly. And if there is a time constraint, it is better to do this at least once a day. Only then can you understand the difference.

Second method:
First of all, take some unpolished rice in a bowl. Then mix it well with water. Do not wash the rice or change the water. When the rice and water in the bowl are stirred in this way, when the color of the water becomes like white milk, then take out the water in a separate bowl and keep it in the fridge.

After a while, take out the water from the fridge and apply it on the entire face with the help of cotton like a toner. If you use this water regularly for 3-4 days then you will understand the difference.

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