No need for soil, cultivate coriander leaves in baskets at home

Banglahunt Desk: Winter is coming soon. And coriander leaves (coriander leaves) top the list of winter vegetables. Melavar has a couple of coriander leaves in everything from thin lentils to hot fish broth, evening snacks, meat, pokoda.

Although this coriander leaf is available not only in winter but also in other times of the year, but its price is touching the sky. However, in winter the prices of these vegetables are relatively low. But if you want coriander leaves throughout the year then no problem. You can cultivate coriander leaves at home.

A look how-

You have to buy coriander seeds from nursery first. Then they have to be broken lightly by hand. Then take water in a big vessel and place the basket on it and spread the broken seeds in the basket. However, the basket should be placed on the pot in such a way that the basket is wet with water. Now cover the seeds in the basket with tissue paper.

After keeping it in light sunlight for some time, change the water in the pot every 7 days after germination starts. If you want, you can also give a little fertilizer. You can cultivate a basket full of coriander leaves in just 1 month without soil.

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