Elon Musk Prepearing Tesla phone with own ecosystem Technology

Most people are not as excited about smartphones as they used to be because every smartphone company tries to keep the customers satisfied with the same monotonous updates year after year but the dress a surprise smartphone has been able to create a lot of excitement among its fans lately with only amazing specifications. But no, it has its own ecosystem technology.

Exciting those old days the night of the release of Apple’s new model phone, people will rush to your showroom with bed blankets to get lost so that they can buy the phone as soon as it starts selling in stores, but now online booking is out of the question. There is no such thing as excitement around smartphones, but Tesla Pifone is going to be completely different from all other smartphones in today’s world of electricity. Press Club is now about to enter the smartphone market after exerting its monopoly on the cable market. Musk-led Islam iPhone has already dropped out of the smartphone market. We hope Elon Musk is working behind the scenes to add the leader’s iPhone to the latest technology from all the world’s leading companies.

The effort will allow fierce competition with major competitors in the smartphone market. These specs are a very small part of the ecosystem announced by Kali Kachina. However, we will discuss in detail later how they are going to build the most powerful smartphone in the world. Some of the features are already being used by many phone companies on their phones but they don’t know much about how to present them in a much more attractive way. Tesla is going to use different lenses for the same type of work for the first time. A mens will be used for capturing video of the phone and again different lenses will be used for taking near and far pictures. Speaking of which, with a company’s screen camera Still could not achieve a very satisfactory result in any direction.

Let’s talk about the Tesla ecosystem. The ecosystem used in the phone has been created with the help of the company. In addition to this work, many well-known companies in the electric vehicle trade have worked together, for example, Milon. Bisex, the world-renowned space, and Neuralincom company is researching the first-second purchase and launching rockets regularly. We will now discuss why this phone is being touted as being so different from other phones.

The Solar Energy Industry has given Test Live the best of all. Tania has nothing new to say. They have the latest solar panel technology in their hands so they can easily connect the iPhone’s solar charging technology. You can use the light effortlessly. This feature has not been introduced in any other phone yet. They also use very advanced technology batteries. They will use the battery of their electron G technology and the same battery will be used in the iPhone. It is hoped that despite the many sophisticated features of this phone, it will be possible to use the 4G phone again for several days. Teesta Electric Khan’s first year has contributed a lot more to the development of a smartphone that is far better than the handicapped.

The system is much more advanced than other electric cars. Their super-charged network is spread all over the world. They have now built small and medium-sized electric trucks. This will enable the phone to be charged at a much faster speed. In addition to using the same technology used to build their electric cars, users are learning about it. The two products will benefit in the future. Tesla is different for Android and iOS. As it is a third-party app, its usage is very limited. On the other hand, they get thirsty. They can easily control their Tesla car by using the app on the phone. You can even have the camera on one end and always be able to keep an eye on it. Suppose you leave your area and go somewhere far away if you want…

Then with the help of your phone, you can see what’s going on around your car from so far away and if your car is stolen then you can easily take control of the car through this app. It’s a lot of fun not to be able to run away even if you want to, so let’s talk about their semiconductor plant from e-business. Since then Elon Musk has not focused on making their own chips. Now it has gained worldwide fame by making very modern and efficient chips. Can handle Teknaf phone processor speed will be much higher than 5089 also gets thirsty font…

Many more technologies will be added to the company. Tesla now makes advanced solar panels for roof use, which we discussed a little while ago. Using these panels you can make your own for free. You can turn it off at will when your home generates more electricity than you need. If you want, you can store that extra power in your Tesla battery solar system called Power Power. When the charge is over, your phone will receive notification alerts. The space company is going to make a significant contribution to the ecosystem of the space station. Used in the Mars journey of Human Made for.

The 1st is also being used for more purposes and has contributed significantly to the creation of the fastest car Road 42 project system. Their Sterling Satellite is going to be connected to the Tesla Auto System. Sterling’s Ultra High-Speed ​​Satellite will be able to connect directly to the Internet over the telephone. This phone will have extremely fast download and upload speeds that are unmatched by any other phone. Link Internet Service The link will allow you to connect to any remote area of ​​the world with the help of the internet. Another advantage of satellite internet is that you can use Fatik without a SIM card. If you don’t have a cellular network you will be able to exchange messages very easily.

They will be happy to know that SpaceX is also thinking of setting up a start line on Mars. Mukul explorers can easily communicate with the earth if they have only one phone. iPhone Neuralin contributes Tesla claims that the monkeys were able to reach out and reach the client without any health risks and that the Achiever could be easily removed. He said that many volunteers and Jubilee League are ready for this experiment and it is known that this technology will also have 5 minutes of various signals from the brain of the customer. Tesla also claims that five customers using this technology.

The phones are so powerful that they can take signals from the human brain and translate them into intelligible language by looking at them without touching them. There is no phone in the world today that can do exactly the same thing. Soon smartphones will dominate the world. Do you think Best Pie Phone can really dominate the world?

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