To remove financial problems, plant this tree in the house, all the problems will go away

bangla hunt news desk According to Hindu mythology, many deities are believed to reside in trees. It is believed that by regularly worshiping certain trees in the house, the doshas of various planets are removed. Apart from this, there are many benefits as well. Those who believe in ecology must know about some special trees which are worshiped to get rid of economic problems from life.

Tulsi tree is considered very sacred in Hinduism. This tree is considered so sacred that by offering only one leaf to an object, it is considered holy. Many people believe that by planting a Tulsi tree in the house and worshiping it every morning and evening, the ecology of the house is cut off. The Tulsi tree is also associated with Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. In such a situation, by worshiping them regularly, financial troubles are removed.

There is another tree similar to Tulsi which is called Davan. This tree is also considered to have religious and scientific significance. According to religious beliefs, it is worshiped like Tulsi. According to the concept of ecology, it is better to plant this tree in the south-west direction of the house. Apart from this, if you have any debt somewhere, then it is believed that if you worship this tree daily then you will soon get rid of that debt.

There is also talk of banana trees. Many people believe that Jupiter resides in the banana tree. Apart from this, many people think that Lord Vishnu also resides in this tree. Many people say that planting a banana tree behind the house is beneficial to bring happiness and prosperity in the house.

Many people must have heard the name of Shami tree. Shani Dev and Shiva are associated with this Shami tree. By planting Shami tree in the house and worshiping it daily, happiness and peace remains in the house. It is believed that by dedicating its leaves to Shiva and Shani Dev, all kinds of problems are removed. Shami trees should be planted on the north-east or south side of the house depending on the ecosystem.

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