Meta Tag Generator - Do You Need a Tag Generator?

Meta tags are a very important part of your on-page search optimization strategy. They affect your search rankings and how your results will be displayed (i.e. they determine which text will be displayed to searchers when your site appears in search results).

You can create a wide set of meta tags yourself, but it is probably best to consider using a meta tag generator for this type of work. A tag generator (or meta generator) helps automate the process.

So what kind of tag does a meta tag creator create?

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1) Title Tag –

This is an important tag and it should be created in every meta tag generator. It sets the title that is displayed in search engines and at the top of the browser window. This is important in SEO because it is a key indicator of page content. The title tag should contain your main keywords for the page.

2) Meta Keyword Tags –

This is a list of keywords relevant to the webpage, there is controversy about the usefulness of this tag in SEO but it should be included. Every meta tag creator should create this tag as a standard.

3) Meta Description –

Contains your site’s tracking details and is displayed on search engine results pages in search engines. This tag should contain all the keywords for your site but in human readable form instead of a simple list.

4) Meta Robot –

The robot tag determines how search engine robots view and index your site so it is important that you do nothing wrong with it (otherwise you can tell search engine spiders that you do not want them to index your site!) In short the tag sets two features for your site, they are as follows: –

Index / noindex – The noindex feature tells spiders that you don’t want to index the search engine spider’s page (so it will never appear in search engine results!) The index feature has the opposite effect.

Follow / nofollow – The nofollow tag tells spiders that you don’t want them to follow any links found on the page (you may want to do this on a page that only has links to external sites). Follow tags have the opposite effect.

Similar effects of the above tags can be achieved using the robot .txt file (which is covered in a separate article) and is the most common way to implement such features.

Hopefully the descriptions above show the strength and usefulness of meta tags and the importance of setting them up properly. It is recommended to use a meta tag generator to achieve this exact setup, it will help to ensure that the format and structure of the tags are set up in an acceptable and consistent fashion.

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