Easy way to keep bread soft

 Most people eat bread for breakfast. Eating roti is also good for health. But there are many difficulties in making breakfast bread. Sometimes more water falls, sometimes mud, sometimes hard bricks. As a result, it becomes the responsibility of those who do not sweat in making roti. Someone’s bread becomes bloated again, but after a while it subsides. Overall there is no end to the problems regarding roti.


Actually, the technology of making the dough is the real thing. If you spread the dough well then you will not have this problem while making this roti. Here’s an easy way to keep bread soft:

how to make bread dough

Bread can be softened by using bran flour. Because it is high in fiber. Add a pinch of salt to the flour. Add a tablespoon of white oil (one tablespoon for 10 rotis). Now rub it with lukewarm water. Cooking roti in hot water softens the roti and helps in digestion. And the taste of that bread is different. However, do not make the dough too hard. Still not very soft. medium butter. You will understand that a match is good only if it does not touch the finger.

Cover with dough for at least 15 minutes. Leave for at least 30 minutes. Adding more will make the dough soft. Then Bell will have a problem. Cut the lentils into small pieces. Then the bell will get thinner. If the dal is big then the roti will be thick. And the thin bread will puff up well. Preheat the pan. Now bake both the backs well. Then you will see that even if you do not use the net, the bread will swell. Then fill the pan.

Tips to keep bread soft

>> We use 15 to 20 percent water while making the dough. Flour contains carbohydrates, albumin, dietary fiber and starch. When bread is baked, water and flour combine to form a chemical reaction.

>> Never heat the bread for the second time. Then it will be difficult.

>> When the bread boils, put some water in the pan. Soak the rotis once and take them out. Then heat it.

>> You can leave the bread by taking it out of the pan and wrapping it in a wet cloth. It will be soft too.

>> Butter can make bread. Flip the butter while it is still hot. Then the bread will be good.

>> While taking bread for lunch in the office, immediately wrap the hot bread in a foil pack. This will keep the bread soft for a long time.

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