Imran Khan on the path of divorce from third wife? What did Bushra Bibi's relatives say

bangla hunt desk According to a recent report, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s relationship with his third wife Bushra Bibi is also strained. But this time Farah Khan, a close aide of Bushra Bibi, started speculating about their relationship. He made it clear that there is no problem between Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi.

Earlier reports had claimed that Bushra Bibi was not living with Imran Khan due to a deteriorating relationship. There was also news that Bushra had changed the house as well as the driver, cook and gardener. He is said to have left Imran Khan’s residence in Islamabad and moved to Lahore. There was also talk of Farah Khan staying at Bushra’s house.

But this time Farha gave vent to all the speculations. Farha tweeted on Sunday, ‘Bushra is at PM’s residence in Islamabad. Rumors are being spread about the couple. Politics should never go so low that people have to lie about their personal lives.

Actually, Bushra Bibi’s shadow companion is Farha Khan. Farha accompanies Bushra wherever she goes, to any public welfare work, hospital or shelter. Imran’s third wife met helpless people during a recent visit to a shelter. He also promised to provide them good food service and other facilities. Bushra said that the government is committed to provide good services to the people.

Incidentally, Imran Khan married Jemima Goldsmith for the first time in 1995. That marriage did not last even 10 years. They got divorced in 2004. Imran married Reham Khan in just 11 months. The life span of that marriage was only 6 months. Finally, in 2016, for the third time, the Prime Minister of Pakistan got married to Bushra Bibi. This time there was a quarrel in the world after separating from this third wife.

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