Unprecedented! Calcutta High Court allows abortion at 35 weeks' gestation

Bengali Hunt Desk: India is very sensitive about issues like motherhood, pregnancy etc. Although abortion is legal, it also has many rules and restrictions. Abortion after 24 weeks or more than 6 months of pregnancy is legally prohibited in our country. But this time the soil of Bengal witnessed an unprecedented event. The Calcutta High Court has ruled that a 35-week-old fetus should be aborted.

According to the Abortion Amendment Act 2021 in our country, abortion can be done up to the age of 24 weeks of the fetus. Sometimes abortion is allowed after 24 weeks due to medical emergency. The court grants special permission only if the child has a life-threatening disease and the doctors have informed him that it is not possible to save him after birth. However, there is no precedent in the history of Bengal or India to allow abortion after 35 weeks of pregnancy.

It is learned that this North Kolkata couple was happily deprived of children despite being married for many years. Finally after a long time when the first few months of pregnancy were fine. But as soon as it came to the shore, the boat doubled. Doctors noticed a serious problem in the spinal cord of the child during about 34 weeks i.e. 6 and a half months of pregnancy. He told that the child will never be able to lead a healthy life even after birth. After knowing about this, the couple decided to have an abortion. He filed a case in the Calcutta High Court seeking permission for abortion.

The matter was heard in the Single Bench of Justice Rajasekhar Mantar of the High Court. The doctors of SSKM were consulted in the matter of decision. A special medical board has also been formed. At the third hearing on Thursday, Mill finally granted permission for the abortion. However, in case of any kind of problem, the entire responsibility will be of the mother.

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