3 steps to full-time online income

Everyone wants to make money online. But very few people know how to do it effectively. Let’s talk about the best way to earn money online.

The first step is to pick a highly profitable niche topic. The more competition, the more likely you are to make money. I know this is the opposite of what experts would tell you. But the reality is, that people need to buy your product to make affiliate commissions with your affiliate marketing business.

Once you have the right market in your head, you need to create a sales funnel around that target audience. You can use BuilderAll to do this. But use the sales funnel maker you think is most effective.

The third thing you need to do is create an optin page. This is a page where you can collect people’s email addresses. Then you can follow up with these people over time.

I suggest you write 30 emails to follow up with them and educate them about why they should buy your product or approved offer.

Now that you have it, you will want to find highly targeted website traffic. The best traffic is search engine based. This means that people are literally searching for information on Bing or Google.

To get that kind of traffic you need to create content. This content can be in video format or written format. I like to do both.

For articles, make sure they are 400 words or more. For videos, make sure they are 5 minutes or more.

Once your sales funnel has been created, the follow-up series of emails and the traffic to your opt-in page is starting to see some conversions. I usually see about 1-5 percent sales conversion.

So you should expect 1 to 5 sales for your information product or affiliate offers out of 100 clicks or website visitors.

If you can get those results with an average customer value of $ 100 or more, you will succeed through online digital marketing. It’s just a matter of scaling your efforts and keeping track of your results.

As you can see, earning a full-time income online using information marketing or affiliate marketing is not that complicated. The trick is to keep everything right for you to “sell and say”. So you don’t have to literally explain your product or service to every single person who visits your website.

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