ESG study: Methane-fueled bitcoin mining could eliminate 5.32% of global emissions

It’s all about methane. Finally, an ESG analyst looks at the data and praises Bitcoin mining. On paper “Measuring the potential impact of bitcoin mining on global methane emissions“Daniel Batten confirms what the Bitcoinist is saying. Bitcoin is an ally of the mining environment.

The study was published by Daniel Batten, an ESG analyst and VC of ClimateTech. Bitcoins brand. This is the first post on the page and it has already caused quite a stir. “Bitcoin mining is currently the only way to reduce this methane emissions that is technically possible and does not require significant behavior change to work,” the paper claims.

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And Batten & Company says this is the “only way” because the unique combination of position-agnostic, mobile, and disruption in the bitcoin mining industry makes Bitcoin mining the only economically viable use that methane emissions from the two main sources have been tested.

And “those who previously believed that BTC had a negative environmental impact,” is a message from Batten and company. “We fully realize that this search could be an amazing one. As environmentalists themselves, we too were surprised and had to work against the underlying bias because every new piece of information contradicts every previous belief.”

It is important to mention Daniel Batten also claims“We have not received any funding for this study. We have no affiliation with Bitcoin Mining or similar companies. If you find an error, let us know. We will continue to improve. ”

What does the ESG study say about methane?

Why is Bitcoin constantly attacked by ESG mobs? Because “the energy costs of bitcoin mining are obvious, but its environmental benefits are not immediately obvious. Perhaps for this reason, Bitcoin has a net negative environmental impact, making it easy to make a premature and excessive assessment based solely on energy consumption. Such an argument is flawed, since the net effect can only be established by considering both the environmental costs and the benefits. “

And what is the benefit in this case? We will be Study Only about methane and its results reflect the “least achievable goal”. This means that the percentage of global emissions that Bitcoin can eliminate is probably greater than 5.32%. The study explains:

“We only measured the net CO2-eq effect where bitcoin mining was the only economically viable technology capable of burning that methane. Our results will provide a minimally achievable goal, as we have only determined the amount of environmental benefits of combusting flammable gas and landfill gas: these are the largest methane emitters that can be collected by miners. ”

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Get rid of misconceptions

The study quoted UNEP Executive Director Inger Andersen as saying, “Our most powerful levers in mitigating climate change over the next 25 years are complementary to the necessary efforts to cut methane and reduce carbon dioxide.” Yet, the general public has misconceptions about “bitcoin mining using methane as a source of electricity.”

Although the study dispels those misconceptions, we learn that using methane-fuel energy for something more real is “not economically or logically possible. Unless you want to build a hospital or a residential village in the middle of an oil field.” Energy can only travel this far. On the other hand, “mobile bitcoin miners are the only position-agnostic users who are happy to be found in the oil field, who can start using this energy and remove harmful methane immediately.”

Conclusion: Bitcoin is the best friend of the environment

The fact is, “Burning leaking methane sources using bitcoin mining could eliminate 5.32% of all global emissions by 2045. This represents 23% of all global methane emissions: more than half of UNEP’s target of 45% methane reduction by 2045. “These are big numbers.

That’s not all, though. “Bitcoin mining has realistic potential that will help mankind avoid global warming by about 0.15% by 2045. To our knowledge, this cannot be legitimately claimed by any other technology,” the study says. And by itself, Bitcoin does not require “carbon credits, government regulations, and government funding.” How can this be done? Because bitcoin mining “creates business money for both radiators and miners, it can be through private business contracts.”

After going through the numbers and making research, what does Daniel Batten believe now? He said so Via Twitter“An ESG attack on BTC weakens the credibility of ESG, not BTC.”

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