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The keyword Research engine tool you want to use is easy to find if you know where to look. Keywords are very important and finding the right ones is very important if you want to use article writing as your main tool for search engine optimization. So to help you in your research for the best keyword tool, here is a short but important list that you should consider.

1.Market Samurai

When it came out about a year and a half ago it was just a keyword research tool, it went out of its way, although its main focus is still on keyword research. It should also be noted that all updates come free, you only have to pay once when you purchase it and the data it provides is great and quite effective.

2. Word Tracker

Not free but you get a free trial time of 7 days so if you are busy you can end up with a pile of very useful data and not pay them high fees. Don’t download it until you are ready to spend a lot of time using it!


This is a great free tool that you use online. Give you fast data. It gives you the number of competing pages and they are clickable in * drill-down * mode. The site also has a good rank checker.

4. Rank

checker of digital points. With it, you can insert a snippet of code and you can go. You can visit any website and see where they stand with Yahoo. This is important because Yahoo has finally gone to Google and sold. As I said b4, soon Google will own everything and they will be big brothers.

5. Keyword Density Tester

This is a free keyword density tester that you can add to your Google Widgets. It gives you a lot of data. It really helps you to have the best keyword concentration for a set of key terms. It comes from SEO chat.

6. Another Digital Point Tool

This utility can be used to check search engines (currently supported by Google, Yahoo and MSN) for search engine rankings and to track that ranking historically, it is important when marketing your website (s).

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