SEO Tips for Beauty Business Owners - Don't be greedy with your keywords

When it comes to optimizing your salon website so that it starts appearing higher for the keywords you are targeting in Google and other search engines, you must plan ahead and above all:

Don’t be greedy with your keywords

As you can see, if you try and optimize your website for too many keywords, it will not happen, your SEO will be ineffective and you will waste your time.

So, read the rest of this article to find out the best way to maximize your chances of getting to Google page 1.

Suppose you are a semi-permanent makeup technician located in County Surrey, UK.

You will only want to optimize your website for semi permanent make up and not want to start, there will be a lot of competition for it, instead it would be better for you to optimize your site for the word semi permanent make up.

Also, there are other keywords you may want to look at such as: permanent cosmetics, permanent eyeliner and eyebrows etc.

The problem is, if you try to optimize your site for those terms, your site will probably not find it on page 1 of Google where it should be.

So, my advice is to do the following.

Start small and increase reach to increase your website SEO speed.

For example:

Try to target one of the cities of Surrey first, then turn your attention to Surrey as your website becomes more popular, then once you have that sorted, you can go for big posts like: semi permanent make up.

If you are greedy then in the beginning you will not get any traffic.

See the following page to see an example of how you can include your keywords in your website> Semi Permanent Makeup Surrey

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