Shawn Smith 700 Days Online Income Work From Home Review


It’s been more than a month since Shawn Smith started the online income course. I’m definitely not making 700 a day yet but I certainly see the possibility of doing it. After a few ups and downs with the course I am finally finding some results. I have to admit that at some point my skepticism got better than I did and it affected my activities – which meant that the less I was sure about the plan, the less it seemed !!

However, I have persevered with the ideas of the course and now I find the results are coming. The results are slow to come through the internet especially when the core growth of the business concept is completely organic which means you don’t pay for advertising and no other costs are involved.

Shawn Smith offers many free ideas for promoting your own blog or website channel and shows you how to create these sites for free. I have created a few of these and am seeing an increase in revenue from my site. It’s fairly small at the moment – I’ve earned £ 12 from Google AdSense but it’s growing fast. My income through AdSense last week was like last month’s full income. I made 13.50 from an affiliate sale. It may not sound like much but it is quite inspiring to me because I just created a few sites and posted some links.

I am sure that the outcome depends on the action and when the suspicion arises it tends to get worse. After reviewing the course material, after seeing the positive results, I can definitely say that the course has inspired me and given me. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

I think with any online income course there is a tendency to assume that you will earn money just by buying the course! Although I never found this case !!! There is something to be done with this course and you must do it to increase your income. The thing that inspires me is the potential of this system to make money online.

I know using this system will increase my income in one year. Who can say his job or income? Ultimately your income depends on you. I would rather have my confidence in an employer than see the state of the economy at the moment.


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