Stripe and Primer Go Lightning: New Bitcoin Payment Solution via OpenNode


The future is now e. Both Stripe and Primer have joined forces with OpenNode for a separate payment solution. The The Stripe app will allow Companies can “instantly convert any amount of their balance into Bitcoin or automatically convert incoming payments in part or in full.” For their part, online and Mitspace merchants across the UK will have the option to accept Bitcoin payments via OpenNode and Primer. All these transactions will be driven by Lightning Network.

First announced by Jack Malars Half the lightning payment of POS Terminals across the United States. Last week, CoinCorner has released the bolt card On the Isle of Man. And now, the separate announcements of Primer and Stripe seem to point to a future charged with Lightning Network Payments. Are we seeing the value of bitcoin evolving from a store to a medium of exchange?

Primer and OpenNode’s Lightning Payment Solution

First, Primer is “a UK startup that has developed a drag-and-drop framework to help merchants easily create payment stacks to sell online.” It is clear that they needed Bitcoin. And by “stars” we mean all customers of the primer. According to Press release“Traders using Primer can now use a simple 1-click connection to add bitcoin payment acceptance to their checkout experience.”

How many people will the partnership between Primer and OpenNode publish on Bitcoin? The payment process, in general, is becoming increasingly complex. Bitcoin fixes it. However, it must first be part of the payment stack.

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Dollars in Bitcoin with Stripe and OpenNode

According to In the press release, The app will provide “an easy and secure way to convert incoming payments to Bitcoin in real time, automatically or on demand”. In other words, companies will be able to “gain Bitcoin exposure directly from the Stripe Dashboard.” Apparently, Stripe will present new developments in “Sessions” at their annual user conference.

Additional details from the press release:

“Millions of companies worldwide accept payments through Stripe, a leading financial infrastructure platform that will launch the Stripe Apps and Stripe App Marketplace in the coming weeks. The OpenNode app will be part of the public beta launch. “

Stripe, primer and opennode coats

One good thing about press releases is that they contain tough quotes from the main characters involved in the story. If they do their job properly, these comments provide additional insight into the subject at hand. Let’s take a look at what we got today:

Josh Held, head of strategy at OpenNode, says:

“OpenNode has long believed in the promise of Bitcoin and Lightning-driven payments, and demand is now growing rapidly. Our partnership with Primer will enable businesses from large multinationals to sole proprietors to integrate Bitcoin payments for their customers.”

About Stripe, he added:

“Bitcoin is the most widely accepted digital currency in the world, and we are excited to be working with Stripe to provide currency for many businesses across the platform.”

For his part, Primer co-founder Gabriel Le Rox said:

“We are thrilled to be partnering with OpenNode. For the first time, merchants around the world have the opportunity to receive Bitcoin payments at checkout — not with a code, but with just a few clicks. Primer and OpenNode are keen to build Bitcoin through the best-in-class checkout experience available on the market as a readily available payment option for traders. “

These two very different solutions will reveal many people who may not be familiar with Bitcoin on the Lightning Network. How will they affect the world of payments? Plus, how will they completely affect the Bitcoin network? We will have to wait a few years for clear results. However, these are the third and fourth Lightning Network payment solutions that Bitcoinist reported in a month, an irresistible trend may emerge.

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