Ukrainian bands sell trophies on crypto exchanges to buy drones for their homeland


A Ukrainian band – after winning the Eurovision Song Contest earlier this month – has decided to sell their trophies to make their country feel more victorious in helping them fight the Russian invaders.

The band, Kalush Orchestra – whose song Stefania Turin was chosen as the winner – said they raised $ 900,000 by auctioning crystal microphones and an additional $ 370,000 by holding a raffle for a pink bucket hat worn by band leader Oleh Siuk during the performance. .

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The Kalush Orchestra helps the country fight Russia

Proceeds from the sale will be enough to buy three combat drones for the Ukrainian military. According to Reuters, the drone system has a ground control center that allows the pilot to operate the drone.

Psiuk and his five bandmates were summoned back to Ukraine immediately following their victory. (Luca Bruno/AP)

Bids were accepted for the trophy in Fiat and cryptocurrency. Kalush Orchestra reveals that the award was won by the cryptocurrency exchange platform Whitebeat.

The Rap-Folk group announced on its Facebook page that they had auctioned the trophy. “You guys are incredible!” The band wrote.

In a video message, German Chancellor Olaf Schulz said cash was being provided to prevent a “collapse” of Ukraine’s economy.

There is no love for the German Chancellor

In recent weeks, the German Chancellor has been criticized at home and abroad for his reluctance to supply Ukraine with more lethal weapons. In recent days, the Ukrainian army has fought to control a Russian attack on Donbass, increasing pressure.

Several news outlets reported that Sunday’s sale coincided with the presence of the Kalush Orchestra at a charity event held at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate to raise funds for medical care and supplies.

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At the event, Psiuk urged the audience not to get used to the war, which according to the United Nations claimed the lives of 4,031 civilians and injured 4,735.

“We are grateful to everyone who donated to this auction, but we are especially grateful to the whitebit ua team who bought the trophy for $ 900,000,” the band said.

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Singer – and fighter – for Ukraine

Just weeks before the Eurovision Song Contest, the band was fighting as part of the Ukrainian resistance. Their performance has garnered overwhelming praise from all over Europe.

“Our courage inspires the world; Our music dominates Europe! According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine will host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019.

Psiuk and his five bandmates were sent back to Ukraine shortly after their victory.

During the war with Russia, Ukraine instructed all men between the ages of 18 and 60 to stay in the country. However, all men’s teams were allowed to travel to Italy.

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