3 lessons from Oslo Freedom Forum: Why BTC? Naborema, Likhachevsky, Diop



The Oslo Freedom Forum offers another way to measure the value of the bitcoin network. Price action is OK, but, what about the impact of real life? The phenomenon is not about bitcoin. However, Alex Gladstein, chief strategy officer at The Human Rights Foundation, has compiled a series of one-minute clips that summarize how deeply Bitcoin’s existence changes everything.

Let’s read and listen to what the leaders and workers have to say. That was last time Carter, Mahbub and Volkov. On this occasion, we go to Togo, Belarus and Senegal to find out why Bitcoin is essential for the future of humanity. It is difficult to see the benefits from one of the few countries where the banking system actually works. See it through the eyes of the protagonist of this version of the Oslo Freedom Forum and you will gain the necessary perspective.

BTCUSD Price Chart for 06/30/2022 - Tradingview

BTC price chart for 06/30/2022 on Bitfinex | Source: BTC/USD on TradingView.com

Oslo Freedom Forum: Farida Naborema on Financial Colonialism

Togolese human rights defenders highlight the problem. The CFA franc is financial colonialism, as simple as that. However, the Oslo Freedom Forum quickly learned that very few people outside the countries forced to use the currency know how deeply ingrained the problem lies.

“Living in Togo, money was at the center of our struggle for change because we were literally subjected to dictatorship because of our decision to be financially independent from the colonial system. And in that particular sector, laws have been passed that literally prohibit citizens from owning foreign currency. “

Now, it’s bad enough that your country doesn’t have control over your national currency. Like this, your country is independent, but not completely. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For those workers who do not keep an eye on the government, it is a little difficult to see the consequences. Back to Farida Naborema:

“You are not allowed to have a foreign currency account unless you get specific approval from the commerce minister. And literally, if you openly oppose the government, you have no chance of getting it. And the CFA currency has lost more than 200% of its value since independence and, as a result, poverty has increased because people have lost more than double their savings and assets and found themselves in more debt. “

That’s right, activists are silently punished and condemned for being poor, but, what’s new? Bitcoin Hall. There is a new game in town, and everyone can participate in it. In this case, it’s easy to see how beneficial it is for workers, but a little harder to see how the whole country can benefit.

“So Bitcoin allows us to continue our struggle and provide better stability but also helps us find a different financial system because we hope that one day we will have a state institution that is accountable to us because at the moment the people of Togo have no say. Financial and financial and financial policy terms. “

Before the Oslo Freedom Forum, Bitcoinist featured Participating in Farida Naborema’s “Bitcoin is Freedom” Panel This was part of our Bitcoin 2022 coverage.

Oslo Freedom Forum: Jaroslav Likhachevsky in need of bitcoin

By looking at the recent history of Belarus with Jaroslav Likhachevskiy, founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum BYSOL, he learned exactly why the world needs bitcoin.

“The political situation in Belarus has been bad for almost 30 years, but by 2020, it has gone completely crazy. Lots of crackdowns. Lots of violence on the streets. 50,000 people are imprisoned in Europe, can you think? And there is a great need for the support of civil society and workers within the country. ”

In some parts of the world, the banking system works and it seems Bitcoin is not needed. That is, until the banking system is armed against you and everything you own is confiscated.

“And we suddenly realized that the traditional financial system is 100% tracked and known by the regime. All transactions, all assets, all accounts, everything, so that they can deposit your funds any day of the week. They can take it. They can put you in jail for getting support. And right now we’re starting to use crypto to transfer money. “

Oslo Freedom Forum: Fode Diop on the New Banking

Senegal’s proponents of financial independence have once again raised the issue. It is difficult to see the need for a new banking system from the few countries that are currently operating. However, the needs of any country whose current system has failed are painfully clear. Diop told the Oslo Freedom Forum:

“Money is not broken in the developed world. In Norway, in America, money works. We have a really fast way to get to a bank, open a bank account, get a credit card and many more like these banking services. Unfortunately, in Africa, banks are quite a luxury brand because a bank will never open a branch in a village. So how do we serve these people?

This is a rhetorical question, Fodé Diop “Bitcoin fixes it.”

“Personally, I believe that the future of banking is probably an Android device connected to the Bitcoin network and we can send value from anywhere in the world ৷ and anyone who joins the network participates in the network influence of this financial system.”

Bitcoinist recently fodé Diop’s keynote speech In our Bitcoin 2022 coverage.

And that is for today. Come back soon for three more lessons from the Oslo Freedom Forum.

Featured Image: Fodé Diop screenshot from this video | Charts by TradingView


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