Diabetes: Diabetes: Do people have diabetes? find in doctor's face

Diabetes is a serious disease. Countless people are infected with this disease. That’s why experts believe that every human should avoid this disease. Still there is no awareness among the people. So the problem is increasing with this disease.

Insulin is needed to control blood sugar. This time insulin however keeps the blood sugar under control. If insulin is not produced properly or there is less release then this disease can occur. Then the blood sugar rises. And it affects different parts of the body. So everyone should be aware of this disease.

In this context, Dr. Ashish Mitra, a well-known medicine and diabetes specialist from Ruby Hospital, Kolkata, said that there are actually two types of diabetes. In type 1 diabetes, insulin is not produced. This type of diabetes is less in our country. On the other hand there is type 2 diabetes. In this case insulin may not work as well or resistance occurs. This share is very high in our country.

There is a belief that skinny people do not understand diabetes. Let’s find out how true this is.

Do skinny people not get diabetes?

In response, Dr. Mitra said, “Of course it can be.” Actually, we have stomachs in the stomachs of skinny people. This time the problem has arisen from this stomach. In this case, having a stomach means that there is fat in the pancreas inside the stomach and around the liver. Now this fat but reduces the effectiveness of insulin. so be careful. Alcoholism, malnutrition and pancreatitis have also been linked to the disease. so be careful.

how to understand?

Dr. Mitra said, yes, it is easy to understand (diabetic symptoms). After weight loss, tiredness and constant tiredness, feeling of exhaustion throughout the day, hunger, thirst for water, tingling in hands and feet etc. will start. so be careful.

How much medicine is needed?

According to Dr. Mitra, HbA1c should be checked every three months. This test will tell you whether you have diabetes. Therefore, this report should be kept below 8. Now some very modern medicines have come to the fore. It is possible to recover easily from the disease with this medicine (diabetes control). So at the moment there is no reason to worry.

what to eat?

In such a situation, you have to be very careful in eating and drinking. In such a situation, you need to stay away from carbs like rice and bread. Instead you can eat dahlias, oats etc. It is also possible to eat protein. And to maintain the presence of vitamins and minerals, you need to eat seasonal fruits. In such a situation, you can eat cucumber, guava, apple, pear. Apart from this, vegetables should not be left out. Dr. Mitra said that it is possible to be well in this way.


According to Dr. Mitra, the effectiveness of insulin in the body

To stay fit, you need to exercise at least 45 minutes daily. Exercise should be done after sweating for 45 minutes. If you can swim then it is best. Swimming exercises the arms, legs and the whole body. Then you should swim. In this way the body will be better.

Note: The purpose of the report is to raise awareness. Consult a physician before taking any decision.

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