Fashion Hacks: Nice Way To Handle Backless Or Short Dresses! The way you manage from Nora to Kareenao...

From Priyanka Chopra to Kareena Kapoor, almost every Beetown diva poses in bold outfits. Wearing clothes so short or so tight so many times that you wonder how they handle this dress? Because we always have to think again and again before wearing a dress (bold dress). There are actually some hacks behind this.

There are also some underwear we can use. It is possible that when you are leaving the house, the hem of your saree was stretched and slightly torn. How to manage it? At that time this hack will come in handy…

short tight dress

This is the kind of dress we sometimes wear later. At that time we are a little worried. We never run out of trouble after dress!

Actresses are also often seen wearing slit dresses or short tight dresses. She uses the right underwear with this type of dress. Uses seamless lingerie. This type of underwear should be used while wearing this type of dress. Otherwise they may have to face trouble. They always take care of it. Even if they come in front of everyone, they have no problem.

There is no risk. So keep this in mind when you are wearing a short dress. Sometimes the actress also wears skin fit nude stockings. You can use this hack by wearing a slit dress. (Photo – Instagram @janhvikapoor)

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Deep neck dress.

We don’t always dress like this. But sometimes when we go to a special party, many of us choose a little bold clothes. At that time I chose the plunging neckline. The plunging neckline is usually very deep. Sometimes the front part of your chest can be highlighted.

With this type of neckline, you have to choose the right bra. You can opt for a plunging bra. This will give you the right support. Now if your neckline is very deep then you can also use sticky cups. It also gives good support to your breasts (Photo – Instagram @norafatehi)

safety pin! how to use

Oops! O our Savior! Everyone from men to women uses this thing. This thing is handled in various difficult situations. Maybe you came out wearing a shirt, and at that time there was a gap near the chest, you can put a safety pin there.

This thing comes in handy while wearing a saree. Although not only we but Bollywood actresses also use this safety pin. Use this hack! Look at Bebo, how she managed this bold blouse with safety pins!

The way Priyanka Chopra managed.

Seeing this dress of Priyanka Chopra, the question that comes to mind is how did her neckline stay in the right place! Actually, the secret behind this is double stick tape. Which stays with the clothes and sticks to the skin on the back. This keeps the clothing line straight. Also, in this type of deep cut dress, transparent tool fabric is sewn, which connects both the parts together.

off shoulder

Sometimes an off shoulder dress is worn. What kind of underwear should you wear while wearing this off shoulder dress? Choose a transparent bra or a tube bra at this time. Then you don’t have to feel uncomfortable wearing off shoulder. You can wear this off shoulder dress well. You can wear a sticky bra as well as a tube bra. (Photo – Instagram @kiaraadvani)

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Can the bra straps be seen when wearing a backless dress?

Wearing a backless dress keeps us all thinking in our mind. The backless detailing of the dress is quite interesting, but sometimes we get into trouble if we are not wearing the right bra. Choose the right bra when wearing a backless dress. Backless blouses are often made padded.

Choose that kind of blouse. And when wearing a backless dress, the actress also uses a long strap bra and safety pins. (Photo – Instagram @dishapatani)

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