How to make money by posting ads online on Google


Everyone on the planet has heard of Google. Google is one of the largest search engines on the planet and millions of people use it on a daily basis Almost everyone knows that. What most people don’t know is how thousands of people are making money by posting ads on Google.

How are people doing it? How do people make a living by posting ads on this popular search engine? Simple Google makes a ton of money every year by selling ad spots on their search engine, creating a program that allows people who have a website to post sponsored ads for a fraction of their big profit. Google shares about 50% of their profits with people who post sponsored ads on their site.

This program is called AdSense. AdSense is 100% free to use and easy to apply on your own site. The way this works is because Google makes the most of its revenue by allowing website owners to place ads on their search engines. Owners of these websites pay a certain amount of money for each of their listed ads and pay a certain amount of clicks for those ads. By using AdSense and displaying the same text or image ads on your site for which website owners have paid, you can earn roughly 50% of clicks while Google can get another 50%.

AdSense is a great way to drive extra revenue to your website, especially if it is more content oriented. However, the important thing to note is that the amount of money you can make using AdSense depends on how much traffic is being driven to your site. No traffic, no money. Also your potential earnings are based on how competitive the niche you are in is. The more competitive the search term, the more advertisers will pay and the more you can earn. The average pay-per-click ranges from .15 cents to $ 15 although the average is anywhere between $ 1.15- $ 3.00. Add as little money as you can think of.

Although yes, you can make money on Google using their AdSense program. It is important to remember that AdSense is not a rich quick opportunity. It takes a lot of hard work to build a quality website with quality content and get traffic to that site. It is not for those who just want to make money without any hard work. In the end though, it’s worth it.


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