If there is a road, which side of the land and house is good, then which side is bad? Know what the ecology is saying

bangla hunt desk According to ecology, each aspect has a different significance. For example, if there is a road to the north of the house and the land, then there will be happiness and peace in the land and the family.

What if there is a road somewhere?

According to the ecology, the land with the road in the north direction is also called the place of mother. The land with roads facing south is said to be ecologically bad. There is always discord and unrest in the families living in such land. The householder of the family living here has a fiery nature. Doing office, factory and business on such land does not bring success. However, in this case, it should be said that if there is a road on the south side of the land, then it has a certain place, according to the ecosystem.
According to ecology, the east direction is called the direction of descent. People living on the road towards east have a long life and the descent runs smoothly. The road on the west side of the land gives honor, fame and fame to the householder. The land on which the road is south-east or south-west is auspicious for traders and doctors. If the road ends on land, then that type of land is said to be rogue. Ecologically, this type of land is called directional and directional land. Before building land and house, do land and house by looking at the direction of the road.

Remember that Bastashastra is energy management which keeps the body and mind healthy. According to Bastushastra, if there are roads on both sides like north and south, then this land is called good land. But the main entrance of such land should be in Bastum because this scripture is only civil and architectural engineering, so the main entrance should be at a specific place otherwise there will be no proper positive energy management. Must be specific to the location.

Health, happiness and prosperity cannot be chosen by chance, so take care of your body and hone your mind.

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