KK also had to do sales work, tears can come in love story!

one morning. Where there is no KK aka Krishnakumar Kunnath. But they also performed last evening. He sang on stage. One of the leading musicians who have a pair of India fame. KK breathed his last in Calcutta. His family reached Calcutta this morning. Not only as a musician, but his personal life was also very beautiful. Today he has been married for more than 30 years to his wife Jyoti Krishna. Suddenly he dropped everything. Naturally his wife (KK Wife) is quite broken. Not only 31 years of married life, even before that they had a relationship of many years. KK married his girlfriend Jyoti. Let’s talk about their relationship today, what can we learn from their amazing chemistry… What does this beautiful relationship teach them… (Photo-Instagram yjyoti krishna, kk_live_now)

partner trust

The rules of society have not changed with time. Not now, not 30 years from now. But still the love affair is incomplete. And still get it. That’s why it is important that you trust your partner. Many relationships can be easier if you can trust and trust your partner. They don’t leave their hands in between. We find evidence of this in the case of KK and Jyoti also. It is heard that both of them have known each other since their teenage years. The love of adolescence did not leave Jyoti’s hand. Meanwhile, when KK is not established, KK’s wife Jyoti believes him.

The good times of a partner are as if we are with him. It is important to be with them even in such difficult times. There is no such thing as giving up in difficult times. If you trust each other, if you have trust, you can witness good times together.

trying to install

Before the wedding, the bride’s family looked for her job. This rule did not change now, did not change in the nineties. Don’t know how many girls have to shed tears silently because their boyfriend doesn’t have a job. Because, relationship with home will not matter. The ‘unemployed’ boy will not marry in any way. The boy needs a job to get married. There is still a lot of emphasis on the boy’s job. KK also had to fall into this situation. He tried his best to set himself up to marry his girlfriend. Jyoti was with him at that time.

That’s what we need to learn. What is the most important thing in our life, who is the important person? For that sometimes we have to think about our partner, even if it is beyond our will. We have to work hard to be together. The way starts walking like this, if you leave your hands?

KK’s salesman job to marry his girlfriend

Don’t be surprised to hear this! Such are the equations of the relationship. How hard we can work to make our relationship better! KK and Jyoti got married in 1991. However, the road to this marriage was not so easy. The leading musicians at that time had no jobs. So there was job pressure on him. Because marrying an ‘unemployed’ boy is not possible. But she also promised to marry her lover.

In a chat show, KK said that KK under compulsion took the job of sales to marry Jyoti. This is how the situation was handled at that time. 31 years have passed since then. They did not leave each other’s hand. However, the artist could not do that sales work for long. Instead, he had to quit his job after three months.

Even if the relationship is old, there will be a lot of romance! fill your husband with love like this

stay together in difficult times

KK was not an established artist at the time when KK and Jyoti had a relationship. They got married in 1991. KK’s first album was released in 1999. Then he didn’t have to look back. Today, after two decades, his every single song is as popular as evergreen.

Life can be a lot easier if you marry an established person. But the joy of having a partner in the path of making the dreams of loved ones come true is much greater. That road can be obstructed from time to time. Tough times can come. But what is more important than fulfilling the dream of a partner? So stay with your partner. Support him in difficult times. Your life will be much easier if you are close to each other. It will be easy to walk.

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Both have different professions.

Jyoti and KK’s profession is not the same. He was unaffected by his relationship with musician KK’s wife. His stardom had no effect on me either. The married life of both can really be an example for us. KK and Jyoti have two children. Nakul and Tamara.

Sometimes the professions of husband and wife are different but it affects them. Due to the reputation of the partner, distance often remains. It should not happen. Your reputation can be kept separate from your professional life and personal life. Yet the relationship remains beautiful. (Photo – Instagram @kk_live_now)

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