Monami Ghosh: Deep neck short frock 'Hot and cute' Monami, don't you remember these pictures?

Many people say that once you go on their Instagram timeline, there is no way! Seeing the beautiful pictures of the actress not only fills the eyes, but also fills the mind. Simple and that is the special feeling of Toli-Para! Sometimes the audience gets mesmerized by the rhythm of the dance and sometimes the fans of Kupokat simply look back after blowing the hem of the sari! That is Monami Ghosh. This look of Manami in a floral print dress is very beautiful. Manami is the pose killer in this Thai length dress! The less sexy looks are to be praised. did you see that picture? (Photo – Instagram @monami_ghosh)

beautiful look of manami

Manami Ghosh is wearing a floral print dress. This floral print dress is in pastel shades. Manami not only looks lovely in a pastel pink color dress, but she has also carried this look very well. His look has devastated the fans. Everyone was surprised to see his smile.

Anyway, the actress is wearing a very beautiful dress. Light pastel shades are the basic color of this dress. It has dark floral print on it. He looks very handsome. The color of the dress also matches her skin tone very well.

cute manami in short frock

This dress is of Thai length. Manami did not miss an opportunity to flaunt her beautiful toned legs in this short dress. And he looks beautiful. The upper part of the dress is skin fit. Elastic has been added to the back of this dress. Which more beautifully describes the skin fit pattern of the dress.

This pattern also compliments Manami’s figure. His midriff part is also being highlighted. He looks very handsome. Her toned figure is being praised in this dress.

deep you neckline

The front of the dress has a deep U neckline. Manami’s shoulders and neck are very well highlighted for the neckline. Also, the strap sleeve is quite beautiful, which has increased the beauty of the dress manifold. Meanwhile, there is bow detailing on the back of Manami’s dress. So that the dress gets a cute look.

The pink pastel shades have floral prints in deep pink and blue. Manami Ghosh is looking very beautiful in floral print. there is no turning back.

floral print

Floral prints are perfect for summer. The bid-heroines have floated in this floral trend. But our team beauties are also not far behind. See what looks good on her in this dress. And such clothes are very comfortable to wear in summer. Manami’s dress is skin fit till the waist. A little hoop has been added from the waist in this dress. Although this part has been kept in a body hugging pattern. This dress pattern is giving a great complement to Manami’s figure.

Sweet seasonal smile like flowers in flower dress, beauty is visible in every picture.

You too can recreate this look

Manami has used very few accessories with this dress. Makeup also maintains the natural tone. Manami has given importance to the natural look. So she completed the outfit with a small statement earring. The actress is wearing pointed stilettos with it. She has created magic with open hair waves. Her glamor has increased a lot with a little blush and highlighter. Manami Ghosh is very beautiful in appearance. You too can easily recreate this look. There really is no way to take your eyes off Manami.

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