Raima Sen: Intoxicating picture of Raima in a deep neck bralette! You will be stunned to see the bold look

Raima Sen Many people have lost their eyesight! If you look into his eyes, you will lose your mind. The fire of her beauty burns the hearts of many fans to ashes. she is so beautiful. Even at the age of 40, her beauty was not less. As beautiful as Raima looked in the guise of vulgarity, there is still ‘obscenity’ of the big screen. Many people find their grandmother’s touch in the shape of their faces as well. Suchitra Sen’s impression can be seen in them!

However, you can’t look into Reamer’s eyes for very long. Because, we will talk about her style. Reimer has a reputation in Tolipara for its exceptional style and fashion sense. Sometimes in a sari and sometimes in a bold dress, the actress has created a lot of noise. Raima Sen once created panic on social media in a co-ord dress of black color. Today we will discuss that look. (Photo – Instagram @raimasen)

Manokram is Reamer’s favorite?

If you take a look at Reimer’s Instagram timeline, you’ll notice Reimer’s love of monochromatic fashion. Now you must be wondering what is monochrome? In photography parlance, black and white tones are called monochromatic.

But what exactly is a monocrum in the fashion world? While dressing in a single color from head to toe, if the color tone of the dress is the same, then it can be called a monochromatic outfit. In this case, you can wear a two-part as well.

You can even capture monochrome tones in one piece. A touch of this monogram can be found in many of Raima Sen’s films. In this case also it is no different.

black coordinating

Raima is wearing a black bralette. Wearing black pants. This monochromatic style of hers is very well expressed in the co-ord set. Raima Sen is looking very beautiful in a black bralette. And she herself has carried this dress very well.

Bralettes have now become very popular among Bollywood-Tollywood actresses. But about 3 years ago today, Raima took the fans by storm. So it goes without saying that she is one of Tolipara’s fashionistas. he is early.

Deep neckline in bralette

However, the bralette is black. Very beautifully described his personality. The deep neckline of the bralette is one of the highlights of this dress. The beauty of the reamer in the deep V neckline is unique. Her toned midriff is visible in this dress. The actress carried the bralette very well. Every pose is so beautiful that it’s enough to wake up the fans!

in jacket.

She styled it with straight pants with this bralette. These skin fit pants are complementing her look a lot. The actress really needs to learn how to flaunt her beauty even in casual outfits. His toned legs are well highlighted in black trousers. However, Reimer’s transparent jacket broke up the monotony of this entire coordinating set.

The actress is looking very beautiful in a transparent jacket. This special shade of blue royal blue jacket is breaking the black monotone. There is beautiful craftsmanship in this jacket. Embroidery and embroidery work has been done on the entire jacket. The half sleeve of this short jacket is also beautiful to look at. Overall, Reamer has completed the look.

good form

The actress prefers to keep her hair open. And with this look, she loves open hair. He has kept accessories to a minimum. I did not wear such jewelry. Only one ring can be seen in his hand. But they have taken the casual look to another level with just the jacket.

Rymer adapted the glam look well. Her beautiful eye makeup compliments her eyes. There are nude shades on the lips. Complete her makeup with a highlighter and a blush touch on her cheeks.

Together with Raima.

Do you understand now, why did we say Reimer’s monogram could be endearing? Because she has been seen repeatedly styling monochromatic outfits. This black coord set from Reamer is two-part. He is wearing a blazer and flared pants. The blazer is very beautiful. Full Sleeve This top sleeve is having ruffle detailing. The neckline of this top is also very attractive. Raimer’s neckline is very well highlighted in the Deep Plunge Neckline.

We’re so fascinated by its dramatic sleeves we can’t take our eyes off it. Is your condition the same? She did not leave any chance to show her beauty. Rather the poses are very beautiful. You have to appreciate it.

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