Relationship Tips: Day after day you hide and fall in love with others? learn to hold hands

(cheating in a relationship) The foundation of a relationship is built by trust. One partner trusts the other. There should be enough respect for each other regarding love. Only then the foundation of faith is laid. So that relationship is permanent. But if your partner leaves your hand while walking, then you will be upset. If love hurts even after love, if your partner falls in love with another even after being with you, then there really is no limit to sadness.

Many people come to her and tell her the truth when she cheats on her boyfriend or girlfriend. But many people hide their partner and fall in love with others day by day. Even if you guess it, then your partner (love) does not want to accept this thing at all. What should you do in such a situation? How to talk to him? trace.

corner him straight

Have you been suspicious of your partner for a long time? But you can’t do anything. Your doubts about him are only increasing. What should you do now? Ask your partner direct questions. If your partner cheats on you day in and day out, then there is no question of admitting it.

Instead, lead her into a situation where she is forced to accept the truth. Ask direct questions. Ask questions frequently. corner him. Only then will he accept the truth.

listen carefully

Your partner may want to tell you this, but you may not. Encourage your partner. So that he can tell you exactly how he is feeling. Pay attention to what he says when he’s sitting in front of you to express his thoughts.

Say yes to every word. He nodded and agreed. Explain that you are listening with your mind. Explain that you value his feelings. Then it will be useful for him to understand at the time of confession.

ask different questions

Do you already have doubts about your partner? Somehow you feel that he is cheating on you. Taking advantage of your trust. But you can’t be sure by any means. Look, you must have a little proof. After that keep asking him different types of questions from time to time.

So that your partner feels guilty after hearing your question. You ask him, “How honest are you with yourself?” or “I can’t accept the lie. Have you ever intentionally lied?” If he is bothered by these various questions, he will repent. He will tell you the truth.

speak calmly

See if you attack your partner in any way, then you doubt how much truth he will tell you. Rather keep calm. There’s no need to quarrel. Ask him questions calmly. Ask direct questions. Maybe he can tell you what he’s talking about. Just sit quietly in front of him. Ask her thoroughly if she is no longer absorbed in the connection. Can’t give time

But are you busy with someone else at that time?” Asking such questions will make him feel guilty. Then he can tell you what’s on his mind. But shouting and shouting will not help. Sharp words are more important than shouting.

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get expert advice

Have you been guessing for a long time? Does your partner’s behavior make you feel different? But I don’t want to in any way suggest that I advise mom to be passive. You are sick of thinking about this for a long time. Getting nervous all the time. If you are not able to solve the problem on your own, then consult an expert in this situation. Couples can seek the help of a therapist or psychologist.

He can show you the right path. If you go to a couples therapist, convince your partner to have a session as well. You will see that the situation can turn out to be much more favorable.

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