Relationship Tips: "Wife Has Fun With People She Loves! Now I Blame Myself All The Time"

Question: I am 34 years old. Married men. I work in bank. In this case, I have been married for 3 years. But now I think I made the wrong decision. Actually, we are married with love. In such a situation, after dating each other for 3 months, we get married. Now I understand that it is not possible to know a person in just 3 months. Because in Oituku I couldn’t understand him at once. In fact, I thought I knew the person very well. But the reality is very different. I realized that I made a mistake. Actually, he’s not like me at all.

I am a caring person. My job is to take care of people. This time he doesn’t have that quality. So now it seems that man is not like me. In addition, his temperament is very different. In fact, he always thinks of himself. Do not bring others’ points to mind at once. But he has no shortage of money. But he ended up buying all his paychecks. He even loves to travel. Meanwhile, I have another problem. I spend most of my salary at my home.

But that’s not the only problem. Now he does not invite anyone to my family house. They are not called even after living in the same city. Actually, he is happy with his family and friends. Sometimes I feel like I am with people who don’t want to share anything with me.

And most importantly, when I tell you that I don’t like your behavior, he says he doesn’t love me. I am very sorry now. What can I do – if someone can tell (symbolic image)

expert advice

Mumbai-based relationship counselor Rachna Avtramani said that in reality, human relationships are made of love. It is even more important to have mutual trust. In such a situation, mutual understanding is as important as romanticism. Without these issues, the relationship will decline. The same is happening in your case.

find changes

You have been married for 3 years. But now you have started thinking that the wife is not worthy of you. Standing in this position, I think you have to look at yourself a little. In such a situation, it is necessary to find out what suddenly changed after these three years.

talk to your wife

You are a very kind person. Whereas your wife’s nature is not like this. He doesn’t even want to think about your life all at once. He lives with his close people. This time it will remain a daily routine, but it will not work. I have to tell him exactly where is the problem. Ask her thoroughly if she is no longer absorbed in the connection. In fact, I want to say that you have to ask why he doesn’t love you.

make a bond

I understand your position now. But believe me, if this continues like this, then this relationship will not last long. So even after all this, I would say that make emotional yoga with your wife. You need to think about the old days after your marriage. He also has to explain. You can also ask anyone else in your family to join.

In such a situation, if the emotional bond between them is strong, then it is possible to get out of the problem very easily. Also, if there is any problem then consult a specialist.

Report Courtesy: Navbharat Times

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