Relationship Tips: Relationship Tips: "I Don't Want To Sleep In The Same Bed With My Husband"

Question: We have been married for many years. At first everything was fine. But then trouble started. Actually, after some time we could not live normally with each other. So we tried a little differently. Actually we were getting bored sleeping with each other. This time around I have thought of something a little different to cut the boredom. But that idea is tomorrow!

In fact, we used to be very angry with each other. From this annoyance, we decided that it would be better to stay away from each other. That’s why we wanted to separate from each other. Standing in this position, we will not sleep on the same bed with each other. I used to sleep in the same bed and my husband in the same bed. That’s how we wanted to be a little different from ourselves. Freshness will come in the relationship, both thought. So I followed the method for some time.

But then another problem started. In this case, we see that I don’t like being with each other. I don’t like sleeping in the same bed with him. Like it’s uncomfortable. Now that I feel that this is not right for our relationship, I understand it. And standing in this place is causing trouble. What should I do next? Is this normal at all? If any expert will answer my question (relationship tips).

Expert Answers

In this context, Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh, Director, Mind & Wellness Clinic, New Delhi said, “Indeed, we have different demands from time to time. So people started experimenting on one subject after another. Everyone comes up with weird ideas. Actually, I believe that a little distance can make a relationship better. Love can bring you back. But this distance can also show the other side of our mind. So there must be a reason to worry.

boomerang is back

I think you are feeling quite bored about it. Because of this, they suddenly decided to live separately. It’s a good thing you’re trying to ignite a relationship that’s been extinguished. Then I realized that this is a step back in your case. In fact, it is worse than useless, it consumes time and resources but does not make sales. But first let me tell you that this is a very common problem. This can happen to any human being. In fact, we often get attached to each other in such a way that we do not find time for ourselves. Then after many years, when something new happens in the courtyard of love, it has a very deep effect on the mind. So I don’t think the relationship is over in this state of mind.

it’s not all over

I think you still love this man. I want to spend life with him. But times are getting worse. You are going through a strange problem. Don’t go for less than your full potential. Rather give yourself some time. Give your relationship some time.

Ask questions

You have to be more discriminatory in the support you provide to other people. So ask yourself, don’t I love my husband? what was the problem? Why am I still talking about this? What am I trying to live up to? Know the answers to these questions. Then you can be good. If you have any questions regarding your relationship in this situation, then you can also take the help of a therapist.

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“I don’t like sleeping with my husband anymore”

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