Relationship Tips: Relationship Tips: If you do not ask these questions before physical intimacy, the relationship will break! Find out secretly...

a relationship. That relationship is like a tree. If you want to grow this tree, you need water, air and sunlight. In such a situation, even if you want to make the relationship tree big, you have to be more careful. Because there is more to life than love.

According to experts, standing in this situation, love is very much needed in the beginning of the relationship. But it also requires honesty and trust. This is a basic need. However, it has been seen in many cases that it is often necessary to touch with the hand to make a love affair. There must be physical attraction. It is difficult to go beyond this attraction. That’s why people keep thinking the same in every relationship.

However, there are many barriers to physical intimacy in Indian society. But now it has become possible to overcome that problem in many cases. In this case, leave-in is also happening. A lot of people are excited about this.

However, it is not just about the physical. Before that you need to be more careful. Now ask yourself this question-

Is this the right time?

Everything has its right time. Now you have to be careful before making a relationship. In such a situation, you have to keep in mind that this is the right time to take this relationship to this level. You should know the answer from your mind. Because in many cases the heart gives the wrong impression. Then you have to think.

my right choice?

That is the big question. If you can’t trust the person in front of you, it’s normal to have problems. So you need to think about some other things. In such a situation, once you are involved in a physical relationship, but it is difficult to get out of it. So you have to take the right decision about the person.

can I do it

Not everyone’s thoughts are the same. Some people’s views are a little defensive. This time you too can become such a person. In such a situation, you can be under the influence of thinking. So we have to consider all these aspects. Only then can a decision be taken. Otherwise problems may arise. So there is no way but to be careful.

However, not only you, but your partner will also need to ask some questions. like-

How do you see each other?

This is definitely a big question. By standing on these questions, the relationship can reach that special point. Otherwise it is better to drop this idea. In such a situation, ask your partner what he thinks, how serious he is about this relationship etc. Then you can proceed.

Does he agree?

This is the most important question. Not everything will be the way you want it to be. That man is also very important here. So everyone should consider this. So it is very important to get their opinion. If he is not ready then there is no way to proceed at this place. Rather, it is wise to step back. So this question must be asked.

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