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Question: My married life is of few years. However, in such a short span of time many problems have come up in our life. One such problem is the profession of in-laws in our life. In fact, he is a confused person. Whatever you want, nothing makes sense. His behavior while standing in this position is affecting our marriage.

Actually, my father-in-law does not want to understand many things. This time I feel very bad for his work. He also creates things that cause problems. So problems are arising between me and my husband. He is doing something for which it is not possible to be good. He is also entering our married life. Standing in this situation, I feel that if this continues, then a big problem can arise in a few days. That’s why it’s especially important to be careful.

Another big problem this time is that he is coming to live in our city. This means that he will be with us again. This matter is not going to proceed. In fact, if he had come here, he would have created more problems. Standing in that position will not make it possible to avoid the problem. So now I need expert opinion (relationship tips). Because I don’t know what to do in this situation.

Expert Answers

In this context, Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh said, in fact, marriage is a difficult challenge. Everyone has to be alert to deal with this challenge. Because there are many challenges at different times. And overcoming that challenge is a very difficult task. In this case, two families have become one. Their ideas are exchanged among themselves. Only then it is possible to get rid of the problem.

in our country

The history of our country is very ancient. In this case, the role of parents in the life of every child. This time, even after the children have grown up, the parents continue to do that work. Even after becoming supportive, we keep listening to him. I work a lot like him. Even after marriage, his opinion remains with us in many matters. Now the problem starts from here. Because after marriage, if you obey your guardian in every situation, then it is very normal to have trouble.

You need to understand what your father-in-law wants

Standing in this position, my advice is to understand what the father-in-law wants. We have to understand what he really wants to do. Also, you have to keep his point of view in mind. You should also listen to advice. He also says that there is a problem in your marriage. Why this complication arises in this situation is but the issue to be looked at carefully.


You need to talk to your husband directly. In such a situation, tell the husband what can be the problem. However, don’t go too far in saying this. Because this is his father. And the father should be a caring and respectful person for any man. So keep this in mind.

I understand that building a relationship with parents is a very difficult task. But people still have to do it. So take expert advice if necessary.

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“I hate my father-in-law’s interference in our lives”

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