Relationship Tips: Women Beware! To impress, hide these things before marriage

There should be no privacy between two partners at the time of marriage. Having any kind of privacy between the two can cause problems. The sky’s the limit between privacy and secrecy. So if you hide something from your wife or husband, it is not acceptable at all. Because if it is detected later, then your happy married life can be ruined. Still people want to hide some things. He thinks that his partner’s attitude towards him may change. Some men confessed that they hid these words before the wedding.

i had sex with a married woman

I had sex with a married woman before marriage. She was really beautiful, just like the princess I had dreamed of. His married life was not happy. I was trying to keep him right. I couldn’t tell my wife. I don’t know what he would think if he came to know about these things. Maybe his attitude towards me will change.

marriage is not for me

I never wanted to get married. I got a job offer in Italy. That’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to make my life beautiful. But I had no desire to get married and start a family. But under Grandpa’s pressure, I had to do it.

He wanted to see my marriage before his death. I could live in Italy. I found a boyfriend in Italy. He had a beautiful relationship with her. But now I have to listen to my wife. This marriage seems unbearable.

i was addicted to gambling

I am addicted to gambling for many years. My family never knew about it. I got accustomed. That’s why I couldn’t leave the game. I can’t even imagine what would happen if my wife found out about me. However, it is true that I have squandered my money by gambling. He won’t believe me anymore. I can’t take that risk. I have to be very careful.

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deceit and lies

I think my wife knows I am cheating on her. I am having an affair with my colleague. I was fascinated by his young age and his personality. We just have sex. I don’t want to think about marriage because I feel tired. Once when my wife almost held my hand, I lied to her. I think he’s still in the fog. Who knows!

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pull on ex boyfriend

I never told my wife about this. I had another relationship before marriage. I loved him a lot. He loved me too. But there was pressure at home. The situation was opposite to us. So we can’t be one. I have to get married in another family under home pressure.

But I still have a crush on my ex girlfriend. I couldn’t tell this to my wife. I never want to disrespect and hurt her. But I had no contact with my ex-girlfriend.

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