Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Video Marketing


Video is certainly a powerful tool for promoting a business, product or service. The primary advantage of a video compared to other conventional media (such as print, new articles, audio) is that it employs multiple senses and they are the visual, auditory and emotional senses. More likely to be employed in this process and therefore more likely to be accepted by the public.

Most people show their willingness to watch a video instead of reading a news article. Unlike other methods of communication, videos can convey much more than what can be conveyed through other means of communication. A video can effectively demonstrate the usability of a product or service – it not only says but also shows.

The video makes it easy for people to learn about products and services; Businesses can easily promote themselves through informative and instructive videos that are useful to people (as opposed to business ads that people often avoid). One of the great advantages of videos over other marketing methods is that they have a viral advantage over audio, e-books, articles, blogs, etc. A viral video will increase the visibility of your business website, create brand awareness and attract your website.

Other benefits of video marketing include:

Cost-effectiveness: Making a video is relatively inexpensive. You don’t need a good professional camera to shoot a video and you don’t have to be a professional videographer; A simple digital camera can serve the purpose. Also, posting a video on popular video sites like you tube,, etc. is completely free.

Less competition: Most webmasters promote their sites through articles and blogs; A small number of people use video to promote their business. So little competition exists in this process.

Hyperactivity: Videos are very active. They are very fast and efficient to attract the attention of the audience. You can post a simple video (informative and useful) and it gets thousands of comments in a short time.

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