Store vegetables: Keep fruits and vegetables in the fridge so they will stay fresh for a long time, even in hot weather!

Everyone is worried about the heat. Especially the housewives are in trouble. What you bring to the market is going bad. It dries quickly even if kept in the fridge. It is common to live in summer, meanwhile in today’s hectic life it is not possible to go to the market everyday.

What’s the way now? It must be brought in the market once a week. You can spend a week in that vegetable and fruit market. It will work well. In what ways is this possible? What are the rules for keeping vegetables in the fridge?

how to keep vegetables everyday

It also depends on the type of vegetable you are buying. Everyone comes to our house everyday to make vegetables. Vegetables like vegetables, coriander leaves, tomatoes also come. They can also be kept good for a long time. Bought raw chili? When storing raw chilies, first remove the stem of the chili. If the stem of the lentil is left, then the pulse will remain good for a long time. First take out the raw chilies. Then take a box.

Vegetable boxes are available. Put raw chili in that box. May be good for a long time. You can keep lemons in this way too. Put it in a closed box. You can put lemon with it. Keep it that way even if it is flat. Keep squid and pumpkin in separate boxes. Many people buy cut pumpkins, not leaving them uncovered. Vegetables will spoil. Place in fiber container.

How to keep Tomato, Capsicum

Large containers of fiber are available. Buy something and keep it. You can keep tomatoes and capsicum in it for a long time. Do not leave tomatoes and capsicum open. Tomatoes can go bad even when refrigerated. Also, do not cut off some parts of capsicum and leave it open. Place in a fiber container. This won’t be a problem. Separate the tomatoes and capsicum in a basket.

You can also have cucumber with it. Keep such vegetables in a fiber container. Keep that container in the fridge. Your vegetables will stay fresh longer. Clean the fridge. Clean your fridge at least once a week. If vegetables are kept in a container in the refrigerator, then the smell of vegetables does not come in the fridge.

How to keep leaves and vegetables

You also cook vegetables every week. You can bring vegetables on the first day of the week. Bring vegetables and wash. Keep the vegetables aside. Then fill it in a container and keep it aside. Vegetables will be good throughout the week. will not be wasted. But if left open in the fridge, the smell of vegetables also spreads in the fridge.

Even if you bring coriander leaves, keep it like this. First remove the coriander leaves. Then fill the container. You can spray a little water every day. Leaves stay good for a long time. It doesn’t get worse in hot weather.

how to keep stalks

You have to be a little careful in the case of such vegetables. Bring the stalk and first wash it thoroughly with water. Then drain the water. You can wrap it in paper. Then the stalk is good for a long time. Do not keep vegetable plastic in the fridge. It has the ability to rot quickly.

If the vegetables rot, the smell may be in the fridge. Always wash and dry the vegetables and then keep them in the fridge. If vegetables are kept in dry condition then vegetables will not rot. Otherwise the vegetables may rot quickly. Leave the vegetables wrapped in paper. The stalk will be fresh.

how to keep fruit

You must follow the rules while keeping fruits. Place the fruit in a fiber container. Now mango and litchi are available. These can be stored directly in a basket in the fridge. But you can keep fruits like berries in a container. You can also cut the fruits and keep them in the fridge at a time. Keep the fruit in the container while cutting it.

However, avoid the decision to store cut fruit in the fridge. Don’t forget to keep vegetables and fruits near the person cooking them. Do not keep vegetable plastic in the fridge. It has the ability to rot quickly. If not kept in a container, vegetables can dry out quickly in the cold of the fridge.

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