This beer is made from urine and sewage water mixed in the whole country! Know the name before the meal

bangla hunt desk You won’t find people who like wine but don’t like beer. Beer is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Due to the huge popularity of beer, beverage companies in different countries make beer keeping in mind the needs of the customers. Breweries in Singapore is a well known beer maker. However, this company has one specialty. It is known that this company makes beer and purifies urine and sewage water. This incident has stirred the whole world.

According to a report, Brewerks has introduced a new beer named ‘Newbrew’ after purifying urine and sewage water. This new brew beer is available in various stores and bars across the country. Not only this, breweries are also promoting this drink as an eco-friendly beer in Singapore.

It is known that German barley and Norwegian yeast are used to make this ‘Newbrew’ beer. Like all other beers, the main ingredient in this beer is water. 95% of this beer is water. Newwater is the main water of Newbrew beer. Nuvatar is primarily a purified form of urine and sewage water. Nuwater has been created in Singapore for almost 20 years by purifying sewage water.

Brewerks executives say it took several tests before brewing beer with Nuwater. Various types of filters have also been made. Drinking Newbrew beer is useful and completely safe.

Although Singapore is an island state, there is a shortage of potable water. The water crisis has caused many problems in Singapore in the past. Rainwater harvesting and imports from Malaysia can meet only 50 per cent of the demand. The main sources of pure water are water and sea water.

The Singapore government estimates that water demand will almost double by 2060. And that’s why Brewerks has taken an innovative initiative to create beer from Nuwater to raise awareness about the country’s water crisis.

However, not only in Singapore, but also India, China, the United States and other countries around the world have taken similar decisions due to climate change. The main objective of this action is to reduce wastage of water and to create awareness among the people.

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