This homemade bathroom will end the smell of the bathroom, it will not cost a single penny!

We always clean many parts of the house. Almost every day dust is thrown in the house. Keeping the floor of the house clean, keeping the bed clean, these are very common things. However, the bathroom has to be cleaned every week. The bathroom may not be kept clean every day, but the bathroom must be cleaned at least once a week. Otherwise the problem may increase.

If the bathroom smells bad then you have to be embarrassed in front of the guests. However, there can be many reasons for the smell of the bathroom. An unclean bathroom is home to bacteria. So clean the bathroom regularly. Now find out what to follow.

clean the bathroom regularly

Do not allow water to accumulate on the bathroom floor. This will damage the bathroom floor. There may be slippage. Then the chances of falling in the bathroom will increase. Meanwhile, water spots can also appear on the bathroom floor. So always remove the water from the wiper. Also keep the bathroom clean otherwise.

Always keep bathroom cabinets clean. Clean the commode or toilet seat. You can arrange a dustbin in the bathroom. You can clean the dustbin regularly. Papos will clean. Clean other bathroom utensils as well.


If the bathroom is dirty, then the chances of foul smell increase significantly. So be sure to pay attention to this side. Arrange perfume in the bathroom. There are many such room fresheners available in the market. You can always use it in the bathroom. The bathroom will be fragrant.

You can also use air freshener. Otherwise take a bottle. Take essential oil of your choice. And add enough water to it. Spray it in the bathroom as needed. You will notice that the bathroom will become smelly.

use baking soda

When there are water stains on the bathroom tiles, Kalgham rushes to clean it. At this time you can use baking soda, vinegar. You can clean bathroom tiles with baking soda. Also, if you have water stains in your bathroom tap, then you can use this baking soda in the bathroom.

This baking soda is also very useful to remove the bad smell coming from the bathroom. Take out the baking soda in a vessel. Leave it in a corner of the bathroom. The window can catch him. This baking soda will go a long way in absorbing the smell of the bathroom. The smell is absorbed.

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vinegar or lemon

There are lemons in all the houses. A slice of lemon can remove the smell of the bathroom. Take a slice of lemon. Leave it in the bathroom. This will remove the bad odor and add freshness to the bathroom. You can use lemon slices for a week. You can also use white vinegar.

Vinegar is very useful in cleaning the bathroom. It also works to remove the smell of the bathroom. Put vinegar in a bowl. Leave it in a corner of the bathroom. Change the vinegar every 15 days.

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provide ventilation in the bathroom

Make sure the bathroom has air circulation at all times. Doesn’t want to dry the water in a closed bathroom. So it is more likely to smell bad. The bathroom gets wet. Actually, due to the moisture in the bathroom, mold can easily form, which is one of the reasons for the foul smell in the bathroom.

You can keep the bathroom window open if needed. Otherwise you can arrange ventilation in the bathroom. If the sun doesn’t budge, it’s normal to smell bad in the bathroom.

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