This is the real identity of the 'Golden Man' of Royal Bihar.

bangla hunt desk Everyone knows ‘Ironman’. But do you know the ‘Golden Man’? He is again the Golden Man of Bihar. This person roams around wearing gold weighing about two kilograms. Do you know who he is?

The name of that person is Prem Singh. He is fond of wearing gold. What kind of hobbies do people have? Prem Singh’s hobby is to wear gold. And so much so that the body weight is always about two kilograms of gold. And this fancy with gold has given them a different identity. People know Prem Singh as the Golden Man of Bihar. Let’s know some more interesting facts about this golden man of Bihar.

After knowing about Prem Singh, someone should ask you what is there in Bihar? Your answer would be that there is only gold in Bihar. But do you know the funny thing? Thieves are so dominated in Bihar that people leave 100 grams of gold in a safe and go to sleep. But Prem Singh is the opposite. He has nothing to fear. The 36-year-old went on the streets wearing such a huge weight of gold. Which is worth more than crores of rupees.

But how did he find this strange hobby? Prembabu himself told the answer to this. He said that this strange hobby was born by watching TV and newspapers. A contractor by profession, Prem Singh spends a major part of his income in buying gold jewellery. There are 16 gold chains in Prem Singh’s list of gold jewelry. Which he is wearing around his neck. Along with that chain hangs ‘Golden Man of Bihar Locket’ and a Hanuman ji locket. And there are 8 gold bracelets in total, which he holds in his hand. Apart from these there are 6 gold rings. Locals say that when he comes out on the road after all this, he looks like a moving gold shop.

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