What is a quality backlink tester?

Knowing exactly what search engines are seeing and reporting to them is key to achieving your SEO goals. Of course, the amount of backlinks and their quality is one of the biggest determining factors in how your site is ranked for specific keywords and keyword phrases. Many people look for a quality backlink tester to see exactly how many links are being registered by search engines and how they are affecting your site.

The first thing to know is that no matter how good the software you find, nothing will be 100% accurate. Often, directory submissions and bookmarking sites will not appear in any backlink checking tool but you can be sure that search engines will find them.

The same goes for some profile links and blog links pointing to your site or blog. Most checkers can’t catch these links, even close to them, but search engines are aware of them and are working to increase your site’s ranking.

It’s important to remember that there are people out there who believe that testing your backlink counts with any software, free or paid, can hurt your Google rankings. Whether this is true is debatable, but it is my opinion that you should often scrutinize it instead.

The best tool I’ve ever found to check backlinks is Market Samurai. It is a keyword research tool that can give you details of all types of links very accurately.

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