What is SEO or Content Marketing?


Content marketing is the use of content to attract an audience and translate into sales. SEO writing is creating search engine optimized content so that you attract the attention of search engines on the web. The way you word or write your content will determine how fast you attract the attention of search engines which will affect your position in search results.

Tips for writing good SEO content

Like everything else, there are rules for how you can write or write content that is search engine optimized. It is up to you to keep these rules in mind when writing. If you use these tips you can write a simple and great article to promote your content marketing.

– Keywords

A keyword is something that describes what you are marketing or what your business is. It doesn’t have to be a word, it can be a phrase unless it describes your business. The words or phrases you choose as keywords should be strategically placed throughout your article so that search engines can quickly grab it.

– Keyword picking

To choose the ideal keyword, research the top keywords associated with your business that are popular with search engines like Google. Choose the keywords you like and describe your business the most, and then use them strategically in articles.

– Paragraphs and subtitles

Then your articles must have subtitles and paragraphs. These make the articles easier to read and help you find keywords. An article flowing from beginning to end without a break is tiring for the reader. Ideas with subtitles are suggested to be divided into large paragraphs for easy reading.

– Keyword insertion

Once you have the word, you must be aware of the placement. Ideally, your keywords must be featured in the title. Make sure the keyword is in the first paragraph and the last paragraph. You should also include the selected word or phrase in one or two subtitles of your article.

– Avoid keyword stuffing

Make sure you don’t fill your article with keywords, it’s keyword stuffing, and it’s not allowed. Your article should have a good flow with all the keywords placed in a prudent manner.

If you write SEO articles using these tips, you are sure to get good rankings in search results which can translate high sales or popularity for your business.

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