Where will the grace of the gods be found in the house? Know what the ecology is saying

bangla hunt desk Science is directly related to ecology. Ecologically, the temple should be located in the north-east corner, which we call the eastern corner.

Why does Ishaan corner Thakur at home?

Do you know why Ishaan is best suited for any temple? Find the correct scientific explanation.

We have ten aspects in total. These are North, South, East, West, North-East (North), North-West (Wind), South-East (Agni), South-West (Noir), Akash and the Underworld. All major and minor aspects of human life are controlled by nature. The effect of nature on human life is very effective. Atharvaveda is one of our four Vedas and ecology is mentioned in this Atharvaveda. Appropriate application of science based ecology can be seen in ancient famous temples, ancient cities etc of India.

Scientific Explanation:-

Now let us come to the scientific explanation of why Thakurghar will be built in the northeast. The main aspects of our ten directions are north and east. North is the north pole of the Earth, from which the magnetic wave is generated. This wave moves south. Just as we cannot see electricity, we cannot see this magnetic field. But electricity flows through electrical wires. This magnetic energy of ours always flows from north to south. The east direction is where the sun god rises and sets west. This eastern part is solar energy. These two energies are the result of originating from the north and east corners and flowing to the south-west corner. That’s why we build a house for Thakur in the northeast. I keep this house clean and worship it with fragrant incense and flowers. In this action, we create positive energy in the northeast and fill the whole house with positive energy. If there is positive energy in the house then body and mind remain healthy and healthy body and mind can never do ill work.
So remember never to use toilet, bathroom, kitchen, stairs in the north-east corner as they always create negative energy. And negative energy cannot keep the human body and mind healthy.

That’s why it is called health is wealth.
My slogan is health, happiness and prosperity is not by chance, it can be chosen. So take care of your body and hone your mind.

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