Gut health: why do some people have excess gas in their stomach? The doctor replied- Health of the stomach, why some people get more gas in their stomach and know the treatment of gas from doctor Rudrajit Pal

Bengali Kabar with gas. Many Bengalis regularly suffer from this problem. So the question of gas has no limits.

In many cases, there is a problem of gas in the stomach after eating. Most of the time, along with gas, these people have occasional problems of stomach upset, stomach pain etc. The problem is that most people are very uncomfortable with gas. They don’t want to eat. Eat less in many cases. So these people need to take care of their gut and gut health.

It is often seen that these people suffer from lack of confidence while eating. They cannot resist the urge to eat good or bad food. He started thinking about gas before and after eating again. This time the habit is not right once in a while. Because if you think something before and after eating, then both body and mind get spoiled.

But the truth is that there are thousands of questions regarding stomach gas (stomach gas) but people do not have the answer. So this time to find out the answer we posed a question to Dr. Rudrajit Pal, a leading Medical Specialist at Dhakuria Amri Hospital, Kolkata.

Why Gas?

In this context, Dr. Paul said, in fact, whatever food we eat is not digested. This time when the undigested food reaches the large intestine, the metabolism continues there. This time a gas is formed as a result of that metabolism. In such a situation, everyone has gas. Some people understand it, some people don’t care.

Why are some people more?

According to Dr. Paul, some people have excess gas (excessive gas in the stomach). Actually, in such a situation, many people do not tolerate milk. This problem is called lactose intolerance. This is the cause of gas. It has also been observed that many people do not tolerate beans and barbati. This is also the reason for gas. Foods like cauliflower and cabbage can also cause this problem. This problem is mainly seen due to food.

what are the problems?

Dr. Paul said, the people of this country think a lot about gas. In medicine, however, the problem of this gas is not given much consideration. Because most of the time this problem is very harmless. It has been found that due to the problem of gas, in some cases there are problems like stomach pain, loss of appetite, loss of desire to eat etc.

Khadwa How many changes are needed?

Dr. Paul said, food is the root of the problem. So we have to change the way we eat. So it is important to understand which food is causing the problem. There is a need to take such measures. In such a situation, first of all you have to understand that which food is causing gas. Then you have to walk away from that food. Then you’ll be fine.

gas medicine

According to Dr. Paul, most people take some antacid for gas. However, it is not a medicine for gas, but reduces acidity. But some work is done indirectly. There are also gas medicines. Therefore any person can take the medicine if he wants. In such a situation, you should take gas medicine as per the advice of the doctor. Then you can be good.

Bidra: The report has been written for the purpose of awareness. Consult a doctor before taking any decision.

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