How to choose an SEO friendly domain name

How to choose an SEO friendly domain

How do you make the right choice when you decide to buy a domain name? A domain is a company’s virtual identity and one of the basic parameters that need to be defined when creating a website. When choosing to buy a domain name, it is important to make the right choice in the SEO sense because it will certainly affect the success of the overall website.

Domains enable you to create an identity for your website. This enables easy search – finding your website easily. This enables your website to connect with the business sector. A suitable domain will be invaluable for the success of the website business as the domain name exists and will influence the position of the website in popular search engines.

To ensure website success, it is good to remember at least the following three basic rules:

1) Keep it short – The domain name should be short and simple so that users can easily remember and type it. It is best if the domain name ranges from about 10 to a maximum of 67 characters. The name may contain letters, numbers, and hyphens.

2) Keep it simple – don’t use hyphens unless you need to because it complicates both the domain name visually and when telling someone.

3) Separate – Try creating a unique domain name that users will associate with you. Choosing a company name can be a good choice. Example: is not like

We need to think once and for all Buy a domain name. Typically, a domain name has about 7 symbols (letters, numbers, and hyphens). A domain name is a linguistic design, according to Christopher Johnson of Smashing Magazine. A good name is important for website design. The name plays an important role when people discover, memorize or search for a particular website. The name determines the website branding process even before the first users see it. This is why choosing a domain name requires the ability of technique, imagination and linguistic design, Johnson explains.

Another important point is TTL. If you run your business in the UK, it would be best to choose the domain ‘co.UK’ alongside your TTL ‘.com’. You can select one of them as a major website of your company. This will allow you to use the most popular TTLs (.com) and your local TTL (.co.UK).

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