How to promote your website through on-page optimization


There is no profit if there is no one in the store! So how do you get people to visit your website?

The easiest way to find what you need on the internet is to use a search engine like Google. So, it follows that the easiest way to bring someone to your website is to have your site appear on Google and most importantly, on the first page of the list. More than 95% of people do not visit the second page on Google!

Promoting your site to the top of Search Engine Returns (SER) is easy but time consuming so that it finally appears on the first page. There are two processes that need to be run.

The first is on-site optimization and the second is off-site optimization which we will address in another article.

On site optimization.

1. Separate a ‘keyword’ or ‘keyword phrase’ that accurately describes a page of your website. Such as ‘Leica Digital Cameras’ can describe a page of your site about this particular type of Leica product. Try not to use just one word because it is difficult to succeed with them.

2. Enter about 400 words of visible text on the page. Make sure you use the correct keyword phrase about four to six times in the main body of the text.

3. Start the article with an overall title that exactly matches the keyword phrase and make it into the largest title, such as H1.

4. If possible, start the first line of the first paragraph with a phrase, but do not destroy the sentence structure.

5. Bravely change the next event in the phrase.

6. Change the last event of the phrase to italics.

7. If you have access to html code (you can find out if you do!) Confirm the following:

Keyword phrases

8. If you use pictures on your page. Make sure their tags also contain phrases.

All of these changes explain to search engines that this page is about your keyword phrase. But don’t just fill the page with keywords; Search engines are knowing this type of strategy. Use well-crafted sentences that you expect to read on your own.

The next article will explain how to show search engines how important your page is and why they will list you more in the SER.

Useful Sites: Google Analytics – Find Out How Many Visitors Are Visiting Google Keyword Tool – Help choose a keyword phrase.

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