Paoli Dam: Hotness in deep neck short dress! Paoli Dam looks gorgeous in miakee's shimmer jumpsuit

paoli damo Fans are crazy about the magic of eyes. No matter how big this actress is, there is no shortage in her beauty. On the other hand, seeing Pauli’s Kajal’s black eyes, the heartbeat does not speed up, it seems that there is no such fan. Pauli Dam sometimes gets stuck in beautiful Jamdani outfits.

Sometimes she looks different in a bold western dress. anyway we look like that paoli damo Look, she is beautiful in all her clothes. There is no denying this. Polly once shared a hot look in a shimmery dress. That look is still as popular today. (Photo – Instagram @paolidam)


Shimmer Dress Pauli Price

The actress wore a wonderful dress. He is always in training for his bold personality. He is also not less known for his extravagant dressing. It will not happen or why, when the actress herself gets caught in such a beautiful dress in front of everyone.

In such a situation, Pauli wore a shimmery dress. And the surprise of this dress has increased her beauty manifold.

Deep neckline draws attention

This shimmer dress is so hot and bold that can’t wait to be told again. But what’s the boldest thing about this dress? The neckline of this dress. The deep plunging neckline will grab your attention. And the actress also carried this neckline and dress very well.

The whole look is a great match. Therefore his confidence cannot be admired. do you agree? Because wearing such a bold dress requires a lot of confidence. A bold look is then complete.

Bajimat played in jumpsuit

Polly Dam has bought this jumpsuit from a clothing brand named Mickey. This full jumpsuit is of Thai length. The body is not fit. But still praised the figure of the actress beautifully. Matched with three quarter sleeves plunging neckline.

The dress has wrapup detailing at the front. To give a special look to this dress, gold sequin work has been done in it. Due to which there was a bling effect in her dress.

round black stockings

Wearing this dress, the actress can flaunt her toned legs. Which could have given an even bolder touch to his look. But he likes to make secrets. Therefore, such elements were added to it, which gave a bold touch to her look while creating a smudge.

She wore a pair of black skinny stockings with this shimmer dress. It complimented her toned legs. She is also very beautiful in appearance. The entire look of Pauli can be understood by watching the video. no compromise on hotness

Pauli’s magic, watch video…

Chunky necklace and the mystery of the eyes made everyone crazy

Pauly opted for a chunky layered necklace with this dress. Even at the age of 41, the actress is full of hotness. We have no room to deny it. Correct? Polly kept her hair open. With this, eye makeup has caught everyone’s attention. The lips have a nude shade. Overall, Pauli is looking very beautiful in this look. Many hot elements gave a bold touch to her look. We can’t take our eyes off us. What are you thinking?

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