Relationship Tips: Husband Doesn't Understand Me! So I made a boyfriend of 10 years! - Relationship Tips I am a 45 year old married woman but my husband does not understand me

Question: I am 45 years old. Married for 18 years. There is also a daughter. My problem is regarding married life. I am not happy with this life once in a while. In fact, my husband is a good man. But he is never a good partner. He has no idea about my mental needs. He doesn’t want to understand what I want. We talk sometimes too. I am living a relationship without love.

But I don’t feel like my husband talks less than me. But I feel bad that he does all the work with me. Apart from this, he comes to me only when he needs intimacy. Besides, I have no place in his life. This is how I survived.

I don’t want to hide this from you. Actually, I have a relationship with a man 10 years younger than me. i love her She loves me too. He understands my mind. We love both of us too. However, in this situation it is very difficult for both of us to get married.

Actually, we both have different backgrounds. Because of this our relationship is not forming at all. But I want to be with him. But I cannot see the face of the society and the girl. What should I do next? If someone gives expert advice (relationship tips). (All pictures are indicative)

Expert Answers

“I understand what you are going through,” said Kamna Chhibber, head of mental health and behavioral sciences at Fortis Healthcare. But I think listening to you, instead of going through this problem myself, I find a solution to the problem. I know you are suffocating from this kind of relationship. But moving on in your new relationship will also be difficult.

very bad

You have already said that the husband comes only when his physical needs arise. Standing in this position I feel that there is really nothing left about it. Rather it is better to get out of this relationship. Because the position you are in now will continue to increase manifold in the future. Anger and resentment will also arise.

if you wanna be about it

Again, if you want to stay in this married life but you have to work hard. Because no one can get out of this problem even if they want. Instead, two people need to work hand in hand to get out of trouble. In such a situation, you can find a solution to the problem with family, friends or marriage counselor.

There is no momentum in your extramarital affair

You say that you want to move on in life with your boyfriend. want to have a relationship with him. To be honest, there is no momentum in this relationship. Actually, that man is 10 years younger than you. He has a life of his own. She may love you now, but there is no guarantee that she will love you in the future. So think before taking any decision.

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My Story: I’m 45 Years Old, I’m In A Relationship With A 10 Year Old Boy, Because My Husband Doesn’t Understand My Needs

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