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Question: It’s been a few years since I got married. There really is no problem in life. However, I don’t like some of my wife’s habits. So the problem has increased. Actually, some habits are holding back my life since marriage.

We really don’t have that much time. But this shortcoming is not mine again. This shortcoming comes from my wife. We in no way want to convey that we recommend mom to be passive. We don’t even have time at the end of the week. We live strange lives with each other. In fact we have jobs. Very busy with his work. But I think I need to spend time with my wife. This time the wife, but it doesn’t seem to matter. But I don’t like to tell him that.

Actually, he likes to party like himself (Luv). She always wants to be with friends. In such a situation, he spends as much time as possible after work and spends most of the day partying. And I feel bad seeing this. Looks like something is wrong somewhere.

In fact, I can’t tell my wife that it’s better to be with her. Then he will think that I cannot be alone. Even without him that I am helpless, this thing will come to the fore. And I don’t want that. If any expert in this situation give me some advice.

Expert Answers

In this regard, Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh, Head, Department of Holistic Medicine, Atremis Hospital said, ‘Thank you for asking us questions. In fact, I understand your state of mind. Everyone wants to spend some time with their partner. Being intimate in this matter is also very important. However, this issue of relationship between you has disappeared. This is causing problems. This situation is not desirable.


This situation could be really bad. So today you need to go ahead and talk about it. In such a situation, you should tell the problem to your wife. You need to explain to him what is needed from your relationship, where is the problem, and so on. Explaining these issues will solve many problems.

you have nothing to be ashamed of

You told that the wife was afraid to listen. Now this fear is unfounded. Because the man is your wife, not the latter. As a result, he has to speak his mind. If not, tell who else? But don’t worry too much while talking about this mind. And don’t shout while talking. Rather say the whole thing slowly and in a healthy way. Only then will it be possible to solve the problem. So don’t worry. Organize yourself like this.

spend some time with each other

In such a situation, you have to find that old freshness. In such a situation, if you wish, it is also possible to be the case. So first you try to get out somewhere. Even if you go for a walk, it will work. Wherever you go with him, a time will be created. The solution to the problem is possible through this moment. So there’s no reason to worry.

If you still have problems, you should consult a doctor. The sooner you can address this problem, the less likely you are to have complications.

Report Credit: Times of India

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